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Thinking Out Loud 27/02/2014

Wow, two posts in a row!  That’s pretty good for me these days :S  I have kind of been pushing my life to get a little busier these days, busy with friends and getting out more.  And I have to be honest that I am quite enjoying it.  So how are you doing?  How has your week been?  I am so happy that it’s Thursday because that means the last business casual day until casual Friday 😀  Well I feel like today is a good day to link up with Amanda and all the other bloggers and participate in…


1) I have really been enjoying getting out more on weeknights.  I have finally gotten over my “it’s too cold to go out” mentality.  I was starting to feel house bound and needed to DO SOMETHING!  So on Saturday we met up with some friends for a couple of beers and then headed over to the Loose Moose Theatre for a night of improve.  We really had a blast and I think another comedy night should be in our future.  On Monday John and I went out with friends to (FINALLY) see the lone soldier.  Oh my goodness, what an emotional movie.  If you haven’t seen it you really should.  I have to admit that the book, in my opinion, was better but that is usually how it goes.

2) I am currently writing at 8:15 on Wednesday night after doing a quick grocery shop.  I really needed to pick up some snack foods that didn’t include wheat.  I found some things but I am already REALLY missing my nightly bowl of cereal.  I am going to have to make some granola this weekend to satisfy my cereal and milk tooth.

3) I don’t know if I can make a whole month without wheat… these past two days have actually been really tough.  I hope it get’s better however with that being said my parents want to go out for an Italian dinner next weekend.  I am thinking I might have to give in for one night as I can’t pass up fresh pasta.  That is basically a sin.

4) I have finished the only two seasons of Downton Abby on Netflix.  Season 3 isn’t out until June… cruel cruel fait.  This is really sad and means I have to find another show to get into.  My lovely friend tells me Suits is a great show so that may be on the list.  Life is so tough!

5) It got up to 3oC today 🙂  it’s supposed to be a high of -22oC on the weekend 😦  WHY OH WHY IS THE GOOD WEATHER DURING THE WEEK!?

6) I am going for another massage today and this time they are going to try a hip release.  I felt so much better after getting my muscles worked on last week so I hope this fixes the last little niggles.

7) I had my first, albiet short, run on Tuesday and I felt on top of the world!  I felt a little pain on Wednesday morning so I am going to lay off running anymore until the weekend.  If all goes well I am hoping to sign up for the Calgary Half Marathon again in May.  Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me!

8) I can’t stop on odd numbers…. now I have writers block… well this counts as 8!

Have a great Thursday!

Photo of the morning…sunrise


1) What are some social activities you like to do during the week?

2) Are you hooked on any shows at the moment?


A Quick Tuesday Post

Well hello there!  I am happy to report my grumpies really dissipated on Monday, thank goodness.  But I think I can contribute the start of a cold to make me so disgruntled.  I can’t believe I am sick again, I just got over a cold after new years.  Hopefully this one won’t be too bad.  Thanks for all of your kind words yesterday, they really helped me to cheer up.

I don’t have too much to report today.  But we did sleep in until 6:30 am yesterday and took the train to work as the temperatures have gotten really cold and the snow has started to fall once again.  Work went fairly well and I was able to get in a light spin workout at lunch.  I am hoping that getting some sweat going helped to kill some of the germs.  I am pretty sure I will be taking a rest day today and maybe tomorrow.

John made a great dinner last night of bbq’d hamburgers, sweet potato and salad.  And I am really excited because we have this in our freezer right now 😀photo (3)  So rich, So good.  I think this can cure any illness!

Well I am off to go and curl up on the couch with tea and some TV (as I am writing this Monday night).

Have a great day everyone!


1) What ice cream do you have in your freezer?

2) Do you try to exercise when you feel a cold coming on?

A day in the life

Wow guys!  I loved reading all of you breakfast ideas and comments on my post yesterday.  Thanks for all of you breakfast thoughts, I might try all of them in the next few work days.  So how was everyone’s Friday eve?  I know mine was busy busy busy but I did try to snap a few photos through out my day so I could bring you my first day in the life post!  Prepare to be astounded and amazed 😉 But seriously I managed to take a bunch of photos so I am proud of that 😀

6 am (the ugh hour)

photo 1Yup it’s dark 😦 shouldn’t I still be sleeping!? If you look really close you can see my pillow.  I am not a snooze button person so I am out of bed pretty quick after this.   I think it’s like ripping off a bandaid

6:15 (the getting ready time)photo 2

First some moisturizer.  I love the “It’s Potent” by benefit and Clarins HydraQuench.  It really makes my skin feel moisturized all day and the “It’s potent” make all my dark circles go away 😀photo 3

The makeup comes next with a little bit of finger creeping in.

6:20 (all dressed up WITH somewhere to go) 

photo 5

Today’s outfit features a thermal long sleeve, lulu lemon tights, ski socks, and regular socks.  Don’t worry I change when I get to work.  After this I usually head down and grab a nibble and publish my post I wrote the night before.  Usually I get a chance to glance at the news as well.

7:00 (ANDDDDD THEIR OFF)photo 2

Usually around 7 or just before we are on our bikes and peddling to work

7:20 (deja vu)photo 3

Arrive at work…. Wasn’t I just here!?

8:15 am (starting to get Hangry)

After a quick change, check email, and get started on the work day I scrounge up some breakfast and COFFEE!  photo 4photo 5

work, work, bathroom break, work and then…

11 am (snack attack!)photo 1 photo 2I feed my coffee addiction once again and munch a banana.  I then decided that wasn’t enough and needed a granola bar (home made).

work, work

12:10pm (I go to the gym… I work out)

The old leg is still sore so I jumped on the elliptical while watching Netflix for 40min followed by a few weights.  No picture because I always get self conscious.

1:30pm (Hangry!!!!!!!)photo 3oops…. uhhhh on the plate was a wrap stuffed with black bean chilli and cheese with veggies and a few Food Should Taste Good chips.  This was pretty awesome but I went back for a square of chocolate and a handful of caramel corn.  Our work kitchen is a very dangerous place.

work, work, bathroom break, work

3pm… I am pretty sure there was a snack somewhere in there

5pm (I’m freeeeeeeeeeee 😉 actually I don’t mind work!)

Hopped on the bike to pedal home into the sunset!  WOOOOOO it was so pretty!

photo 4photo 5

6:00pm (Hangry!)photo 2

John headed off to Yoga, so I was on my own for dinner.  I decided to go with an omelette (only half shown), toast with PB and fig jam, carrots, celery, and humus.  A little random but very delicious.  I am not going to lie, I have been grazing since dinner.

7pm (A sad time)

I headed off to the Library to pick up my copy of the Hunger Games only to find the library closes at 5pm on Thursday.  5pm?  really? @#$% oh well I also had to make a stop for groceries so it’s not all a waist.  For a bonus strawberries were on sale!


Time to shower off the days grime and give the hair a good wash followed by folding some clothes that had been sitting in the dryer for a few days


Writing up this blog post with a cup of tea and a chocolate


heading down to watch an episode of Breaking Bad


Reading news/blogs and going to sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Well, that about sums up my day.  If you’ve made it to the end you deserve a cookie 😉

I hope everyone has a great Friday and an amazing weekend!


1) What is your favourite part of the day?

2) How many hours do you work a day?

WIAW 22/01/2014 and Oh the Injury!

As I was writing the title of my post I almost fell out of my chair, how can it possibly be Jan 22 already?  It felt like Christmas and New Years were just last week!  Time flies when you’re having fun eh?

I haven’t mentioned it yet, but I have been battling some really bad IT band issues this past week or so.  It was getting so bad that it was actually hurting just walking down the street.  I am putting it down to overuse and not a lot of muscle/band TLC.  I think I have it on the mend now but I have been really missing the running.  I have been on the spin bikes quite a bit the last few days and I am just so glad for my iPad and Netflix.  I am running out of training ideas though.  I am getting board of core/upper body workouts 😦  I guess if I look on the bright side, I am still able to do those!  But I am still a little frustrated…

But lets move on to more important things, like FOOD!  HAPPY WIAW Sunday!  Thanks for  hosting Jenn!!

Well now, I love posting my weekend eats once in a while.  I always love my food a little more when I put a little more effort into it.

Breakfastphoto 2

John made pancakes… I ate pancakes!  These ones are so good.  They are made with mashed banana and whole wheat flour among some other tasty ingredients.  While they were cooking I plopped in some blueberries.  I topped mine with peanut butter, a little maple syrup, coconut, and chia seeds.  On this side I seared apples slices dusted with cinnamon.  I wish all mornings could start like this.

These actually held me over until Lunch!

photo 3

I guess the filling was shy and didn’t want to be seen!  In the wrap was tuna, cheese, mustard, tomato, pickle, and spinach.  I decided to grill the wrap and get the cheese all melty inside.  I also had some leftover salad on the side.  This made for a really filling lunch but I was still ready for a mid afternoon Snack

photo 4

A nice hot cup of tea and on of these home made granola bars (x2).  Seriously like I’ve said before, these things are addictive.  I think I will need to make a new batch in the near future.

Before I knew it the day was almost done and it was time to sit down to Dinner

photo 5

For tonights meal I made black bean burgers topped with brie cheese and served in a whole wheat bun.  These things are really pretty tasty and I had to go back for another patty.  We also had sweet potato and salad.  And I can’t finish a day without some form of Dessert

photo (1)

Home made chocolate that John made on Saturday.  He is really turning out to be quite the chef!


1) Have you ever had an IT band injury?  What did you find helped it to heal faster?

2) What was the best thing you ate this last week?


Welcome to another beginning of the week!  How was your weekend?

Sorry I went a little MIA on Friday and over the weekend.  Unfortunately there was an event that occurred that had (has) me really down and just didn’t think it was respectful to try and sound happy go-lucky or anything along those lines.

But the weekend was fairly enjoyable, I am just shocked that it is over already 😦  And once again I took very few pictures… one day I will get into the habit.

So let’s jump into MIMM!  Thanks Katie!MiMM

Marvellous is… Getting my hair cut FINALLY!  It was getting a little ridiculously long, read half way down my back.  It is now at a very manageable shoulder length.  And get this, my hair stylist just did Paris Hilton’s hair for a show she was doing in Calgary!  How cool is that!?  He showed me the pics and everything 😀  I think the best one was of Paris (yes we are on a first name basis 😉 ) getting her hair done by one person, her make up by another, and her nails done all while typing with her other hand on her laptop.  I think that might the be ultimate in multi tasking.

Marvellous is… Date night with my man!  After I got my hair done Friday night, John and I headed out to the Coup for dinner.  It is a vegetarian place with some of the best food!  A review is likely on the books for tomorrow so I won’t give too much away, but we had a great night!photo 1

Marvellous is… Having two amazing friends over for dinner Saturday night.  We were finally able to have them over for dinner, after they have hosted countless a dinner.  John and I decided on a beer can chicken, roasted veggies, salad, and a Guinness cake.  I think it all turned out really well, we just need to get on top of our furniture/home decorating situation.

Marvellous was… Getting in a little gym time this morning followed by a lovely walk in the sun this afternoon.  We decided to head out to North Glenmore Park in Calgary, and what a great idea that was.  We had never been there and are glad we finally did.  The views of the mountains are incredible and it feels very woodsy in the middle of the city.

Marvellous was… having some great food over the last few days.  Pancakes, wraps, hot oatmeal, chicken, burgers… It was a delicious few days!photo 3 photo 4 photo 2

Marvellous are… These fabulous chewy granola bars that Amanda at Running with Spoons created!  I have a feeling that these aren’t going to last for long 😉


Marvellous is…Watching people become stronger and never giving up.  You know who you are 😉


1) What happened this weekend that you want to share?

2) How long do you go between hair cuts?

A little more snow for ya?

Good morning! Good morning da da da da dum dum 😀  Just a little musical introduction for you to start your day.  How was your Monday?  Sorry about the late post yesterday, I was having some technical difficulties but I think I have them ironed out now.

Want to know what happened yesterday!?….. This….Bd5Hl5iCYAA8g-7

mmmmmm yay more snow…. and it was my favorite type, the un-forecasted HA.  It really makes me jealous of coworkers is Hawaii!  The winds were just a whipping last night but died down while John and I commuted to work and it was actually quite nice and almost warm.  Fast forward an hour and you have the above picture (I stole it from social media).  All of a sudden the windows were rattling and it sounded like little pellets were hitting the window.  I think my whole office let out a collected sigh of frustration.  Oh well, it made the morning extra cozy in the office 🙂

At lunch I decided to brave the outdoors to get to the gym were got a little cardio done and most of a NTC workout in.  I am not sure if it’s the cold or what but the sweat was just pouring off my face (TMI?) YECH but I guess in a good way.

I just need to reiterate how wonderful last nights dinner was and that if you like shrimp and spicy food you should make this!

Shrimp Creole


Recognise this photo from yesterday?

I had it warmed up for lunch yesterday and I think it might have been even better than last night 🙂  It really hit the spot and filled me up for the whole afternoon.

Have a great day!


1) Are you counting down the days until spring?  I really noticed that it is lighter already in the evenings!

2) Do you like spicy food?

3) Have you tried the Nike Training Club App yet?  If not you should!

WIAW 01/08/2014

Hi there an happy hump day!  How was your Tuesday?  Mine was pretty average aside from a very early wake up call (5 am and I are not friends).  I have to say that this first week back after Christmas break is DRAAAAAAAAGING and I already can’t wait for the weekend.

Well it sure feels like a long time since I was able to partake in a food filled WIAW!  And to be honest I really missed them, so here we go!  P.S. thanks to Jenn over at peas and crayons for hosting and all the other bloggers that participate!

Breakfastphoto 1

The best meal of the day in my opinion started out with a coffee (uhhhhh where are the red cups!?) and was quickly followed by…photo 2

A big bowl of overnight oats that I topped with raspberries, blackberries, peanut butter, a little granola for crunch, and some almond milk.

I was feeling a little hungry still after that so munched on a banana.  Although this one looks a little green (to me) it was actually really sweet and tasty!
photo 3

I worked through the morning until my stomach started grumbling around 11am so I grabbed my massive apple!  Envious of my Envy apple? photo 4

After working another hour I hit the gym for a 20min elliptical followed by an a shoulder and arm workout on the NTC app that were about 15min long each and had me working up a good sweat.

After a super quick shower I got back to the office and immediately warmed up my….


bb chiliA recycled photo but it was basically my black bean chilli with quinoa and a wrap on the side.

After working a few more hours I broke for a snack break

First up was a delicious orange and some veggies with humus (not pictured) I was still hungry so I put some yogurt and milk into a mug and topped it with some more granola (I am beginning to realize that I eat a lot of oats everyday).

photo 1 photo 2

This saw me to the end of the work day and through to dinner (which was really only a couple of hours away)

Dinnerphoto 3

I love a quick dinner and enjoy them even more when they are packed with veggies and shrimp!  I thought together a fast stir fry of a multitude of veggies I had sitting in our fridge along with a heaping helping of brown rice.  It turned out really really well!

Bedtime Snack

I love having a good snack before bed.  If I don’t have one I wake up absolutely starving!  This time while watching a little breaking bad I had another massive apple with peanut butter and a hot cup of this tea (I am in love with it by the way!).  If you like chocolate and coconut please try it!

photo 2 (1)Questions:

1) Do you still have the red cups at your Starbucks?

2) What is you favourite flavour(s) of tea?



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