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A day in the life

Wow guys!  I loved reading all of you breakfast ideas and comments on my post yesterday.  Thanks for all of you breakfast thoughts, I might try all of them in the next few work days.  So how was everyone’s Friday eve?  I know mine was busy busy busy but I did try to snap a few photos through out my day so I could bring you my first day in the life post!  Prepare to be astounded and amazed 😉 But seriously I managed to take a bunch of photos so I am proud of that 😀

6 am (the ugh hour)

photo 1Yup it’s dark 😦 shouldn’t I still be sleeping!? If you look really close you can see my pillow.  I am not a snooze button person so I am out of bed pretty quick after this.   I think it’s like ripping off a bandaid

6:15 (the getting ready time)photo 2

First some moisturizer.  I love the “It’s Potent” by benefit and Clarins HydraQuench.  It really makes my skin feel moisturized all day and the “It’s potent” make all my dark circles go away 😀photo 3

The makeup comes next with a little bit of finger creeping in.

6:20 (all dressed up WITH somewhere to go) 

photo 5

Today’s outfit features a thermal long sleeve, lulu lemon tights, ski socks, and regular socks.  Don’t worry I change when I get to work.  After this I usually head down and grab a nibble and publish my post I wrote the night before.  Usually I get a chance to glance at the news as well.

7:00 (ANDDDDD THEIR OFF)photo 2

Usually around 7 or just before we are on our bikes and peddling to work

7:20 (deja vu)photo 3

Arrive at work…. Wasn’t I just here!?

8:15 am (starting to get Hangry)

After a quick change, check email, and get started on the work day I scrounge up some breakfast and COFFEE!  photo 4photo 5

work, work, bathroom break, work and then…

11 am (snack attack!)photo 1 photo 2I feed my coffee addiction once again and munch a banana.  I then decided that wasn’t enough and needed a granola bar (home made).

work, work

12:10pm (I go to the gym… I work out)

The old leg is still sore so I jumped on the elliptical while watching Netflix for 40min followed by a few weights.  No picture because I always get self conscious.

1:30pm (Hangry!!!!!!!)photo 3oops…. uhhhh on the plate was a wrap stuffed with black bean chilli and cheese with veggies and a few Food Should Taste Good chips.  This was pretty awesome but I went back for a square of chocolate and a handful of caramel corn.  Our work kitchen is a very dangerous place.

work, work, bathroom break, work

3pm… I am pretty sure there was a snack somewhere in there

5pm (I’m freeeeeeeeeeee 😉 actually I don’t mind work!)

Hopped on the bike to pedal home into the sunset!  WOOOOOO it was so pretty!

photo 4photo 5

6:00pm (Hangry!)photo 2

John headed off to Yoga, so I was on my own for dinner.  I decided to go with an omelette (only half shown), toast with PB and fig jam, carrots, celery, and humus.  A little random but very delicious.  I am not going to lie, I have been grazing since dinner.

7pm (A sad time)

I headed off to the Library to pick up my copy of the Hunger Games only to find the library closes at 5pm on Thursday.  5pm?  really? @#$% oh well I also had to make a stop for groceries so it’s not all a waist.  For a bonus strawberries were on sale!


Time to shower off the days grime and give the hair a good wash followed by folding some clothes that had been sitting in the dryer for a few days


Writing up this blog post with a cup of tea and a chocolate


heading down to watch an episode of Breaking Bad


Reading news/blogs and going to sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Well, that about sums up my day.  If you’ve made it to the end you deserve a cookie 😉

I hope everyone has a great Friday and an amazing weekend!


1) What is your favourite part of the day?

2) How many hours do you work a day?


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  1. This is a fun post!! Love that you bike to work!! Great way to start the day! Also I’m not a snooze button person either… Such a bad habit for some 😉 first time on your blog! Love it!

    • Hi! Thanks! I am glad you liked it because I really had fun writing it! I didn’t know how I would feel about biking to work when I first started but it grew on me… FAST!
      Yes, that snooze button can be very dangerous, plus, I don’t know about you, but I wake up more tired if I fall back to sleep for 5 min.
      I can’t wait to visit your blog 😀

  2. Your commute to work and back is gorgeous! Lucky you!! Why does the library close so early on a weekday?! The city library at home was open until 11pm on weekdays because students were studying/doing homework. So weird that yours closes at 5!

    • You know, I really love my ride. It was kind of sad when we were riding to and from work in the dark but the longer daylight is making me so happy now!
      AHHH it is so frustrating! Shouldn’t they be encouraging us to increase our knowledge and intelligence!? The only library’s open late here are the ones at the university. I might have to start a petition ;P

  3. I teach, so I work M-F 7:55am-3:40pm. Then 3 days a week I go home and teach private piano lessons… but that only equals about 5 hours total a week.

  4. Fun post to read. I can’t believe you pedal to work – however I don’t think I’d mind w/ a view like that on the way home. The sky looks breathtaking. Favorite part of my day would probably be when my husband walks in the door around 545. We don’t see each other often, so it’s always a special moment.


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