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Active Thursday and Weekend Plans


HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!  I hope everyone’s day is off to a great start.  I know mine is as I am currently sipping on a hot coffee and chowing down on some apple pie overnight oats 🙂

Yesterday was a pretty full day that started off with another yogurt bowl breakfast that was the same as the other days but…. for this batch I decided to add cinnamon to the dry shredded wheat, genius!    photo 1

I also got in a short lunch time workout that consisted of one of the arm burners from the NTC App.  Lets just say that I am feeling some pain today.  I also got in a yoga session after work which felt great after lifting so many heavy boxes on the weekend (Thanks Ning!).

I ended the day with a nice cup of hot tea and a bed time snack of cereal and milk and a little modern family.  Man that show cracks me up!photo 3photo 2

So what does everyone have planned for the weekend?  Are you taking it easy, are you going to be busy, or are you a little of both?  I know in our house it will be a little of both.  The weekend will start relaxing as I have a message on the books this afternoon followed by a lovely glass of red wine with my name on it!  And then there is more unpacking to be done, more things to be bought, and friends to see.  I also have some meal plans that I want to execute that may involve a slow cooker and pork!  Oh and it has been almost a full week of riding the bike into work and I am physically exhausted.  I can not wait for some R n R this weekend.

Oh and I just want to say how amazing it is to be able to ride my bike into the sunrise in the morning and into the sunset in the evening, all along a winding river….

Have a great day!


1) have you ever used a slow cooker?  What have you made?

2) what are you looking forward to this weekend?

3) What does you average night time routine look like (again, let’s keep it clean :))


The New Commute and Dear Hill I Will Defeat You!

One day to go until Friday friends!!!  This work week has been short and so busy!  Moving has been fun, exciting, and just pain wonderful but it has also been exhausting, annoying, and non-stop.  This I am all okay with though.  What I am not okay with is when you have a service person coming by to set something up and they say they will be there between and X-Y and then call 45min past Y to say they will arrive at Z… come on really!  And to top it all off, not have the right equipment and have to come back again next week to finish off….really…. 😦 I think a phone call might be in order.  Okay gripe done 😛

But what I really wanted to blog about today is my new Bike commute to work (happy Chris!?)!  So lets recap the first day.  Woke up and had most things prepared, strapped on the lights and helmet and we were ready to roll.  Start peddling and hear an awful sound from John’s bike.  I guess the break was rubbing against the tire and was making the highest pitched squeal imaginable.  It was so terrible that dogs were being scared and barking at him!  Haha poor guy, but he did manage to get all the way to work and get his bike fixed up that afternoon.  I left John and continued on my way only to try and get in the wrong parking garage at work.  In my defence it was the parking garage adjacent to ours and I really rarely have had any reason to go down there.  So finally I got things figured out and glided on my bike to our garage, swiped my key card, heard the beep and then….nothing.  I completely forgot my key card wasn’t set up to let me in the underground parking.  Thankfully the nice security man let me in and gave me the contact info of how to set up my card.  Cool, got that done, btw this is a very wordy post with few pictures sorry!

The ride home on the first day it was great.  I left around 5pm and it was pretty dark out but I had all of my lights so I was feeling okay.  The only traffic that I really came across was this, which you saw yesterday…image_5


Our ride to work is pretty down hill which is awesome, but that means the ride home is all up hill!  When I got to the big hill that takes you up out of the river valley and up to our house I was feeling a little daunted but the only way home was up so up I went.  And you know what?  I made it without stopping but I did feel like I was going to be sick!  Okay, had that hill under control but then I discovered the entire rest of the way home, about 10min, is uphill too.  Oh the things you don’t notice until you are faced with them.  So upwards I continued obeying the rules of the road and all was good until I came to an intersection where I had the right of way and a person driving a car had a stop sign.  I made eye contact with them, or so I thought, and continued cautiously through the intersection but so did they….. needles to say I started shouting at them and then they started panicking and flailing their arms and then we both went our own ways.  I think they will be a little more observant from now on.  Finally I made it home where I announced to John that I LOVE our new commute.

Day two and things went really smooth and I discovered it takes me exactly 20min to ride from door to door getting to work and a little longer getting home.  But I have to admit the hill defeated me yesterday and I had to walk a little bit of it.  Just you wait hill, just you wait!

Day three (today), again all was great on the way in but we did hit another…image_5


Must be a really busy line!  There were about 10 of us cyclists waiting to cross by the time the train past… BIKER GANG!

So all in all John and I both love cycling into work.  I have a feeling both of us are going to be super fit combining the bike ride with working out and yoga.  One thing is for sure, we both have noticed our appetites are getting a little out of control!  I think the grocery bill is going to be going up!

Well that’s it for me today.  More pictures tomorrow, I promise!


1) do you have any interesting obstacles on your commute?

2) do you do much bike riding?

3) Do you take a lot of pictures?

WIAW First Real Day!

Well here we are with another Wednesday  before us.  I hope all of you that have started your thanksgiving holidays are enjoying the sleep ins, family, and time with loved ones immensely!

All right since it’s Wednesday it’s time for another WIAW (thanks Jenn for hosting)!  Here are my eats from Tuesday and our first “typical” work day in our new house!wiaw fall into good habits button



First up was a hot cup of coffee which was amazing after a kind of chilly bike ride to work! This was shortly followed by a yogurt, fruit, and cereal bowl with a banana on the side.  The cereal were spoon sized shredded wheat and oats.  The fruit was banana, grapes, some frozen tropical medley, and raisins.  I put this in the freezer for a little bet to get nice an cold.  I know, I know hot coffee and cold breakfast haha.


Snack 1

Went un photographed, but it was a made by my mummy banana nut muffin and another cup of coffee.

After a full morning of work and a good lunch time workout it was time for…


Left over black bean soup with gouda cheese, a plate of veggies with some chips and hummus, and an apple on the side.


Snack 2 (pedal power fuel)

A package of Annie’s graham bunnies, an orange and a little square of dark chocolate

image_4 photo 3image_3

Oh and this is the only traffic I have to deal with on the way home…




John was on dinner duty tonight and I forgot to get a picture before I was almost done.  On the menu was a seafood spaghetti, green salad, and bread.  Evidently it was good because that plate is almost clean!


After dinner John and I took a little walk around the neighbourhood.  It felt so good to take a night off of unpacking!  When we got back I snacked on a few grapes and had a cup of tea.

And that concludes another instalment of WIAW.  Have a great day everyone!


1) What was the best thing you ate yesterday/today

2) What kind of chocolate do you like (milk, dark, white)?

3) If you could have any snack right now what would it be?


I’m Alive!!!!!

WOW Okay so I know I said I would pop in during the moving process but as usual I underestimated what moving involves… YIKES!  By the time I had a minute to write anything I just wanted to collapse into bed or get some food into my belly.  But the good news is that we are all moved into our new digs and most of the boxes are unpacked.  We do still need to get the computer set up but before we do that we need to go and get my old desk from my parents.  It seems like every time we try to get something up and working we need to go and buy something or borrow something first.  But all of the moving has been more than worth it to finally have a place to call ours!

So let’s do a little recap with the few photos I have…



Everything was moved out of our liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitle apartment.  This was us (John and a friend) trying to get our couch out the door.  This didn’t happen and we eventually had to hoist it over the balcony (meh you do what ya gotta do). image_1

A little fridge cleaning aka a quick lunch eaten with a measuring spoon…  We had some leftover chilli in the fridge so I made quick work of it.  After we moved everything over to our new place we busted out some pizza and beer.  I don’t think pizza has ever tasted as good as it did then!


A tired but happy home owner after everything was moved in.


By this point we were too tired to even begin to think of cooking.  Thank goodness for parents!image_2 image_3

A little homemade lasagne complete with homemade noodles, salad, and red wine; how could we possibly say no!?  Let’s just say that meal hit the spot in a big way.  Between the four of us we managed to polish off about 4/5 of it, no shame!

Sunday=more moving and unpacking.  Again, by the time dinner rolled around we lacked any and all inspiration to cook for ourselves.  This time the Himalayan saved us.  This has to be hands down one of my favorite restaurants in Calgary.  Every time we’ve visited (3 times now) I have had something different and they never disappoint!  On this visit to start we had the Chicken Momo which are basically little dumplings.  These were little packages of deliciousness!  And were made even better by the little dipping sauce that accompanied them.


For my main I went with the Vegetarian Chatpat.  It was cooked in a wonderful and spicy tomato broth bursting with flavor.  In the sauce was a wonderful mix of cauliflower, broccoli, corn, cabbage, onion, and vermicelli noodles.  This was served with rice and a side salad with a yogurt mint dressing.


The entire thing vanished!  And they are nice enough to provide a hot basket of the best Naan bread to mop up any excess sauce with!  We are now within walking distance of this place… Dangerous!

On Monday I was lucky enough to take a holiday day and continue setting up our house and running errands.  Plus I was able to make my first oatmeal breakfast!image_7

I really missed those oats in my life!  And I was actually feeling alive enough to make us a dinner of homemade soup last night (un-pictured).  It was such a wonderful change to actually have two of us in the kitchen at once with out bumping into each other and getting grumpy.


We rode our bikes into work for the first time!image_87:00 am and we’re ready to roll!  We were really luck too as the weather has been pretty mild these last few days (-3 to -5) in the mornings.  It really feels great to have a bike ride along river paths for our commute!  There were a few little hiccups with our prep this morning but I think we should have everything ironed out for an super easy commute tomorrow.  I also managed to squeeze in a nice little workout at lunch today which was nice compared to a weekend of just complete physical labour!

Well off to get the bike from the garage of our building and head HOME!!!!

Hopefully we will have the computer up and running tonight and I can show up with a WIAW post!  Until then…


1) How do you commute to work/school?

2) On super busy days do you cheat and head out for food?

3) What is the strangest thing you’ve ever used as a utensil (let’s keep it clean 😉 )

The Himalayan on Urbanspoon


Dear Friday… I Love You

Happy Friday!!!friday_happy_dance5Amen Snoopy… Amen!

First on the blog to do list is a quick Thursday recap.  It was an early morning wake up so I could head to the gym before work.  I haven’t gotten in an early morning workout for a week or so and it was great to get back at it.  I completed 20min on the elliptical,where I caught up on the morning news, and then moved on to completing a workout from Tina’s Best Body Boot Camp.  I joined her boot camp this past summer and loved it.  It great to have all the workouts to keep as a resource and I hope to join the next round when sign up begins!  I mean for the price you can’t lose.

Work was really steady today an lunch rolled around before I knew it! I decided to take a quick trip to the mall at lunch to do a little Christmas shopping.  This is almost a first for me, I am usually the one running around last minute trying to find gifts.  By the time I got back to my desk I was starving, but made sure the hunger was pacified quickly…photo 1

A toasted tuna sandwich, veggies and a couple chips with hummus.  I ran out of wraps so had to switch over to bread, I know new worthy right?  After this I needed something crispy and sweet so I grabbed a juicy apple.

The work afternoon went by almost as fast as the morning and before I knew it it was time to go home and begin packing again.  Although I was in a rush to get home I had to snap a picture of the sky that afternoon.  It was the most amazing mix of pinks, purples, and oranges; too bad the photo really doesn’t capture the colours 😦photo 2

Packing went well last night and now we only have the kitchen and a few things here and there to pack up.  I officially had my last walk into work and we had our last home cooked dinner in our apartment last night too.  Now it’s just one more sleep until the big move 😀  I don’t think I could be anymore excited!

photo 3

Why have I never thought of putting diced apple into my cinnamon puffins????????  That would be so good!  I really need to pay more attention to the box my food is coming out of, their ideas can be golden!

I wish I had some more interesting thing going on other than moving to share with you, but oh well, hopefully next week!

Have a great Friday!  I plan to pop in sometime on Saturday at least with a picture or two, but we will see how busy things get.  So until then…


1) Do you have a favourite cereal?  What is it? How do you eat it (with milk, yogurt, mix ins…)?

2) When you have a big even coming up do you start counting things down such as one more dinner, one more sleep…

3) Have you ever joined a boot camp?  If so which one?

A VERY Full Wednesday and 2 Rare Selfies

T.I.R.E.D that was the name of the game last night.  Man, the “like” of moving is starting to diminish already.  I know, I know… first I want winter and then it’s too cold and then I like moving which quickly turns into GAH how are we going to get this done by the weekend!?  We got our first load of boxes over to the house yesterday evening so our apartment is looking wonderfully sparse at the moment.

Wednesday was a very productive day both in the work sense and personal sense.  It started out with a busy work morning followed by the fist Christmas lunch of the season; a massive steak feast with all the trimmings !  And what is one to do after a good feeding and a glass of wine?  Why take a random selfie of course! photo 1ya… I took about 10 before I got one where I looked kind of normal 🙂  Don’t worry co-workers who read this, I got right back to work for the rest of the afternoon.  A review of the restaurant we went to for lunch will be done on the weekend.

After work I hit up the gym for a liiiiitle bit of procrastination sweat before getting my packing groove onphoto 2Nothing to crazy there, just a light 5km run.

By the time I got home I had just enough time to whip up a scrambled egg and veggie dinner before cramming more stuff into boxes.  And then I just wanted to put my feet up with a nice cup of tea and a little bit of mindless TV to just take the edge off a little, because this is how I was feeling after a very full day…photo 4And 2 selfies in one post!  That’s a record people (I am not a sefie picture taker I guess)!

I hope everyone had a great Wednesday and is enjoying the beginnings of their Thursday.  One more day until Friday!

Oh and a random fact, John has sneezed about 10 times since we’ve started packing.  I think it became just a little dusty over the last few weeks.

P.S. it was only -7 this morning and wow did that feel wonderfully warm!


1) Do you prefer a big lunch and a light supper or vice versa?  I think I am a big dinner and “lighter” lunch person, just as long as a big dinner isn’t too late

2) How do you unwind after a long/busy day? I love a cup of tea, PJ’s, and some TV or a book

3) What was the temperature when you woke up?

WIAW #5 and Let The Packing Commence

Well hello again lovely’s and welcome to the official hump day of the week!  In Alberta we really didn’t have a hump day last week so today might be a little harder to get through.  Can we just talk about the weather we had here yesterday and this morning?  I have a four letter word for you COLD… holy mid January weather!  Today felt like -20 all day with the wind chill, oh and not to mention a nice little snow storm in the middle of the day :S  But the good news is that this weekend is supposed to be + double digits WHOOP!  Finally a weekend without a snowfall warning and I might actually get to have my first run outside in a looooooong time!

Sorry for that little rant! Now onto what you’ve been waiting for all week I’m sure….. another instalment of WIAW courtesy of Jenn! wiaw fall into good habits button

BREAKFAST… was my standby over night oats topped with raspberries, a lone blackberry 😦 , banana, and almond milk.  Coffee #1 on the side image

yup.. looks just like yesterdays breakfast 🙂  hey if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

SNACK… The rest of my banana and another coffee.  image_2 image_1

I was still hungry after that so I ate an un-pictured homemade pumpkin muffin.  It was only missing a smearing of peanut butter.

LUNCH… by the time lunch rolled around I was HUNGRY!  So I was more than ready to whip up my (again another standby) tuna wrap, veggies with hummus, and an appleimage_4 image_5

and then SNACK 2 HAPPENED…image_3 image_6

MMM Annie’s cheddar bunnies and a square of Lindt dark chocolate

Followed by my pre gym snack of greek yogurt, some more raspberries, and oatsimage_7Wait! what? oh no! it escaped before I could take a photo 😉

After a nice gym session, after work, I came home to make a big pot of chilli for DINNER… image_8

This I served up with some fluffy Quinoa and a side salad.  It really hit the spot on a cold day.  I have to remember to post the recipe because this was GOOD!

For dessert I had a nice bunch of grapes and a handful of cereal.

Well time to get back to packing… yup this is really what our front room looks like.  And yes, those are the frog boxes!frog boxWish us luck!



1) If you go to the gym in the afternoon do you have a snack before you go?  I know I need to eat a good half hour before an afternoon workout, otherwise I get too tired

2) Packing, do you love of loath it?  I am kinda in the like packing category.  It feels really good to purge the unwanted/needed stuff and give the things you like a good clean.


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