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WIAW 22/01/2014 and Oh the Injury!

As I was writing the title of my post I almost fell out of my chair, how can it possibly be Jan 22 already?  It felt like Christmas and New Years were just last week!  Time flies when you’re having fun eh?

I haven’t mentioned it yet, but I have been battling some really bad IT band issues this past week or so.  It was getting so bad that it was actually hurting just walking down the street.  I am putting it down to overuse and not a lot of muscle/band TLC.  I think I have it on the mend now but I have been really missing the running.  I have been on the spin bikes quite a bit the last few days and I am just so glad for my iPad and Netflix.  I am running out of training ideas though.  I am getting board of core/upper body workouts 😦  I guess if I look on the bright side, I am still able to do those!  But I am still a little frustrated…

But lets move on to more important things, like FOOD!  HAPPY WIAW Sunday!  Thanks for  hosting Jenn!!

Well now, I love posting my weekend eats once in a while.  I always love my food a little more when I put a little more effort into it.

Breakfastphoto 2

John made pancakes… I ate pancakes!  These ones are so good.  They are made with mashed banana and whole wheat flour among some other tasty ingredients.  While they were cooking I plopped in some blueberries.  I topped mine with peanut butter, a little maple syrup, coconut, and chia seeds.  On this side I seared apples slices dusted with cinnamon.  I wish all mornings could start like this.

These actually held me over until Lunch!

photo 3

I guess the filling was shy and didn’t want to be seen!  In the wrap was tuna, cheese, mustard, tomato, pickle, and spinach.  I decided to grill the wrap and get the cheese all melty inside.  I also had some leftover salad on the side.  This made for a really filling lunch but I was still ready for a mid afternoon Snack

photo 4

A nice hot cup of tea and on of these home made granola bars (x2).  Seriously like I’ve said before, these things are addictive.  I think I will need to make a new batch in the near future.

Before I knew it the day was almost done and it was time to sit down to Dinner

photo 5

For tonights meal I made black bean burgers topped with brie cheese and served in a whole wheat bun.  These things are really pretty tasty and I had to go back for another patty.  We also had sweet potato and salad.  And I can’t finish a day without some form of Dessert

photo (1)

Home made chocolate that John made on Saturday.  He is really turning out to be quite the chef!


1) Have you ever had an IT band injury?  What did you find helped it to heal faster?

2) What was the best thing you ate this last week?


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  1. IT injuries are the worst. Foam rolling and deep tissue massage helped.

  2. Mmmm those pancakes and apples look amazing! Yum!! 🙂 sorry about your IT band- that sucks! Maybe just rest for a few days and don’t push it… You don’t want to really injure it!

    • They were good! I wish I had time on weekdays to make breakfasts like that. Stupid injuries, stupid me for not stretching and taking care of it 😦 I have cut out the running and it’s so hard. The only thing that doesn’t hurt is biking. And I ran out of cake so I can’t drown my sorrows in cake :(:(:(:(

  3. I’m thinking you just made my mind up for what dinner is going to be tonight — pancakes sound kind of fabulous. I’m not much of a pancakes for breakfast kind of girl (unless someone else makes them), but pancakes for dinner are something that I can definitely do 😀 And I’m thinking that I might have to start a support group for granola bar addicts… applications open 😉

  4. You mind if I borrow John for a day? I want some pancakes & homemade bread! Best thing I’ve eaten this week were probably the waffles I made yesterday for breakfast.

  5. I could eat those pancakes everyday! Yum! Really really hope your IT band heals quick! I would just take it easy for a little awhile.. luckily I’ve never had too serious of an injury!

    • So sorry it took me this long to reply to your comment. For some reason in went under my radar.

      Me too! They were so good I think John should make them again this weekend 😉
      Yes, I have been taking it easy and I think it has really been helping. I really miss running thought 😦 But I have learned a lesson. Stretching isn’t just fluff they tell you to do…


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