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WIAW 05/03/2014 Bruno You Almost Killed Me

Well Wednesday is officially winding down.  I hope the fist half of the week has been enjoyable for everyone.  Mine has been busy and cold… so nothing really new there.  Since it is Wednesday and I have a phone full of food photos I may as well join in on the fun going on over at Peas and Crayons and contribute to WIAW.  This will be my second week of a wheat free WIAW and that means I have also made it over a week without wheat and you know what?  I don’t even miss it!!


Thanks so much Jenn for hosting 🙂

Breakfast: Before hopping on the bike to head into work I devoured half of a perfectly ripe grapefruit.  For some reason I usually only have them hanging around on weekends, I think that this will have to 1

Once I peddled my little legs to work I checked emails did some work and then dived into coffee and overnight oats with apple and PB on top.  That mug is my new favourite 🙂

photo 2

After my usual work through the morning I broke for snack one of a banana, not pictured but I am sure you know what the look like 😉

Real Snack 1 I was getting pretty hungry and had a lunchtime workout planned so I put together a yogurt/ricotta bowl with blueberries, strawberries, and granola.  I also had a hot cup of tea.  I am pretty sure I munched my way through a couple of Merry’s crackers and some almonds as 3

My workout consisted of 20min on the treadmill all while trying in vain to get my netfix to work.  Unfortunately the internet just didn’t want to cooperate.  After my warm up I completed the 30min Be Explosive NTC  workout.  It kicked my butt and my arms felt slightly broken.

By the time I got back to work I was getting Hangry.

Lunch: A massive salad filled with nuts, cheese, humus, and avocado.  It actually filled me up for about a minute before I went back for some more crackers and humus.

photo 4

Work, work, work,..

Snack 2 Apple, more crackers and humus (they are too good), and a couple jube jubes.  I know you know what an apple looks like but here it is anyway 🙂

photo 5

I left work and met John so that we could peddle home together into the sunset…. ya, movie material right there.

By the time we got home I was ready to eat anything that got in my way.

Dinner: A stir fry filled with veggies and shrimp over rice noodles.  I already know that I will be snacking tonight and may have already had a rice cake topped with PB.


After dinner I quickly headed to the library to pick up The Wheat Belly Cookbook.  I am exited to see what it has in store.  On the way home Bruno Mars came on the radio and I almost drove off the road in my panic to change the station.  Bruno, you almost killed me!

Have a great night everyone and I hope the rest of the week is a good one!


1) Is there any music artist you can’t stand?

2) Do you have a favourite plate/bowl/mug etc?



A little more snow for ya?

Good morning! Good morning da da da da dum dum 😀  Just a little musical introduction for you to start your day.  How was your Monday?  Sorry about the late post yesterday, I was having some technical difficulties but I think I have them ironed out now.

Want to know what happened yesterday!?….. This….Bd5Hl5iCYAA8g-7

mmmmmm yay more snow…. and it was my favorite type, the un-forecasted HA.  It really makes me jealous of coworkers is Hawaii!  The winds were just a whipping last night but died down while John and I commuted to work and it was actually quite nice and almost warm.  Fast forward an hour and you have the above picture (I stole it from social media).  All of a sudden the windows were rattling and it sounded like little pellets were hitting the window.  I think my whole office let out a collected sigh of frustration.  Oh well, it made the morning extra cozy in the office 🙂

At lunch I decided to brave the outdoors to get to the gym were got a little cardio done and most of a NTC workout in.  I am not sure if it’s the cold or what but the sweat was just pouring off my face (TMI?) YECH but I guess in a good way.

I just need to reiterate how wonderful last nights dinner was and that if you like shrimp and spicy food you should make this!

Shrimp Creole


Recognise this photo from yesterday?

I had it warmed up for lunch yesterday and I think it might have been even better than last night 🙂  It really hit the spot and filled me up for the whole afternoon.

Have a great day!


1) Are you counting down the days until spring?  I really noticed that it is lighter already in the evenings!

2) Do you like spicy food?

3) Have you tried the Nike Training Club App yet?  If not you should!

A Quick Tuesday Chat

Why hello to everyone out there in blog world.  How is everyone today?  Is the week off to a good start?  My day got off to a bit of a rocky start Monday morning starting with a good half inch of new snow on top of ice (no bike into work :()and getting into a little spat with John.  This left me really grumpy for a good few hours. But the snow was almost completely melted by the afternoon and John and I’s spat blew over just a s quickly.

After getting to work after grabbing a coffee from Starbucks (the red cup helped to lift my mood) a sat down to get some work done before breaking out the overnight oats I had prepped on Sunday.  In the mix was some coco powder, pumpkin (you can’t taste it but I know it’s there ;)), peanut butter, strawberries, and pomegranate seeds.  Phew evidently I like my toppings and mix ins!bfast

A huge platter of cheese, crackers, dried fruit, veggies, and hummus arrived mid morning so I snacked on that for most of the morning and it really held me over until my lunchtime work out.  I’ve said it a few times, but I will say it again, that NTC app is no joke.  I did a toning workout and I couldn’t believe the sweat that was dripping off my face!  This will sound gross, but it was actually starting to form a little puddle on my matt.  Definitely had to wipe that thing down afterwards.

The rest of the afternoon was filled with work until and checking things off my to do list before Friday.  I think I made some good headway and plan to check more off of that list today.  OOO and speaking of work, it’s Christmas party lunch day!  I am really excited to just have  a relaxed afternoon of fun with co workers.  Well I should run and finish packing up my bag for work.

Have a great day everyone!


1) What was the last argument you were in about?  Did it blow over quickly?

2) Does your work/school have Christmas parties?

3) What made you smile yesterday?

4) Can someone please tell me the difference between affect and effect?

It’s a White Cold world, A Change of Routine, and Poor Birdies!

Well hello there and happy Thursday to you!  How is everyone today?  Things are good on this side although still so so COLD!  Guys this winter blast is all up in our faces like a dirty shirt ( I don’t know if that makes sense but let’s just go with it).  We’re talking -20’s for the highs for the past few days and that doesn’t even count the windchill plus people were getting stuck in their homes because of snow drifts!  I don’t kid as seen in the photo below!


We aren’t supposed to see warmer temperatures until next week, and by warmer I mean -6 to -15.

I have been really really missing riding my bike to work.  I know that I can’t really complain about my commute, as I only need to take one train or one bus, but there is something so nice about leaving home or work and having a nice ride outside with the sun rising/setting.  Getting crammed into a train or bus just makes me a little grumpier.  I mean really people must we always stand in the middle of the door so they can’t close.  And yes that means you Mr. oblivious that was on my train Tuesday night!  RARRRRR.  Okay, I guess I am a little more grumpy about it than I thought.  Compared to the time some people are spending getting to work these days I really shouldn’t be grumbly but I am, so there.

Even thought it’s been pretty cold the last few days, I haven’t let it stop me from being active!  A NTC workout Monday, a 10Km treadmill run Tuesday, and another NTC workout Wednesday.  Since we have moved I have had to change up my gym/run schedule as I am not brave enough to ride down the dark paths by the river so early in the morning.  I think I have may have watched a little too many murder mysteries, and by many I mean one haha.  Oh well, lunchtime and afterwork will have to suffice until Spring rolls around again.  I really do miss getting my morning outside runs in though, but I am learning to keep myself amused on the treadmill.

photo 1

WOW blurry!  But I think I was watching Chopped on the Food Network.

I can’t figure out how the poor little animals survive in these fridged temperatures!  I am so glad I put out my bird feeder, my mum bought me, on the weekend.  In a matter of one day (yes it was still full yesterday) it had gone from this…

birds  To this…

photo 4

Needless to say I had to fill it up tonight for them.  Poor little guys.

Well that’s all from me today!

And in the spirit of Thankful Thursday, I count my blessings everyday that I have a warm, dry, and safe place to live with plentiful food to eat.  It’s wintery cold days like these that really make you think about how lucky you are!


1) If you run on the treadmill, how do you keep yourself entertained?

2) Do you ever have to switch up you workout routine

3) What are you thankful for today?

Snow, Baking, and Neighbours Oh My

If the is posted in the morning than our power hasn’t gone off, we haven’t froze to death, and weren’t buried in a snow drift!  Father winter has blown in with force these last couple of days and isn’t supposed to leave us until the weekend.  I really hope that the mountains are getting this snow too!

So when we woke up yesterday morning we really had only three options to get to work; take the bus, take the train, or take Car2Go.  We chose Car2Go!  Car2Go is a great car share system in our city.  Once you have a membership you can drive the cars anywhere you like, but you must park them in a home zone.  To find a car near you just use the Car2Go app or you can find one to reserve for a half hour.  The cost is $.35/min and you have free parking in the downtown core.  So this morning John and I carpooled into the city for a total of $3.50 which is about half of the cost of transit.  You can find out more about the system here.  Oh and I forgot to mention that they are little white and blue smart cars… so cute!

Well after work and eating a great dinner made by John (Portobello mushroom burgers) I got a little fidgety so decided to get my baking face on and this happened.

photo 2

A batch of chocolate chip cookies and granola bars.  You can find my granola bar recipe here and my chocolate chip cookie recipe here.

After I had just finished taking the last batch of cookies out of the oven our new neighbour dropped by with a welcome gift!photo 1

On the left if Organic Vanilla Infused Raw Cane Sugar and on the right is Organic Vanilla Infused Honey (I think we will be friends :)).  The are made by Honey and Vanilla.  Please go and check out their web page it’s a healthy foodies dream!

Oh and thank you NTC for another but kicking workout!


1) What do you like to do on snowy winter nights?

2) Have you ever driven a smart car?

3) Do you ever look at a web page and immediately get taken in?

4) What mix ins would you add to granola bars?

Active Thursday and Weekend Plans


HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!  I hope everyone’s day is off to a great start.  I know mine is as I am currently sipping on a hot coffee and chowing down on some apple pie overnight oats 🙂

Yesterday was a pretty full day that started off with another yogurt bowl breakfast that was the same as the other days but…. for this batch I decided to add cinnamon to the dry shredded wheat, genius!    photo 1

I also got in a short lunch time workout that consisted of one of the arm burners from the NTC App.  Lets just say that I am feeling some pain today.  I also got in a yoga session after work which felt great after lifting so many heavy boxes on the weekend (Thanks Ning!).

I ended the day with a nice cup of hot tea and a bed time snack of cereal and milk and a little modern family.  Man that show cracks me up!photo 3photo 2

So what does everyone have planned for the weekend?  Are you taking it easy, are you going to be busy, or are you a little of both?  I know in our house it will be a little of both.  The weekend will start relaxing as I have a message on the books this afternoon followed by a lovely glass of red wine with my name on it!  And then there is more unpacking to be done, more things to be bought, and friends to see.  I also have some meal plans that I want to execute that may involve a slow cooker and pork!  Oh and it has been almost a full week of riding the bike into work and I am physically exhausted.  I can not wait for some R n R this weekend.

Oh and I just want to say how amazing it is to be able to ride my bike into the sunrise in the morning and into the sunset in the evening, all along a winding river….

Have a great day!


1) have you ever used a slow cooker?  What have you made?

2) what are you looking forward to this weekend?

3) What does you average night time routine look like (again, let’s keep it clean :))


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