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A warm then chilly Monday

Well Monday has found us once more, funny how they always find us.  Oh well, can’t really complain when you’ve had such a fantastic weekend spent with family and friends.  It’s too bad that John is still out of town.  One more sleep and then he will be back once more 😀

So this morning I rolled out of bed and then almost jumped right back in again.  It was a real effort to get up and out the door and I think that it has to do with the fact that it is getting really dark in the mornings.  The sun is just getting up when I make my way out of the gym.  Today was a great work out!!!  I warmed up with 20 min on the elliptical and then jumped into a fun circuit which I was able to complete 2.5 times haha.

summer shape up week 2

Today was a nice solid day of work interspersed with some random chats with coworkers and all in all just getting stuff done.


  • Finish photographer questionnaire
  • book hair and makeup for photoshoot
  • plan a clothes shopping day
  • bring in core photos
  • book hotel for photos
  • book eyebrow appointment
  • apega application

Not too much then haha

So after coming home today I decided to dive into the last book of the 50 shades of grey trilogy.  So far so good!  Then the stomach rumbles kicked in and I decided it was time for a turkey burger, corn, and salad followed by some grocery shopping.  It really is amazing how much less food you go through when there is only one person however a lot does get tossed 😦

Well off now for a cup of tea and some scrounged up desert and some relaxing tv watching on a chilly september night!


Okay I’m bad but better than the last few day :S

Okay so after saying I was going to post on weekdays I completely missed yesterday… life get so busy!

Lets see what happened yesterday… oh yes it was a SLEEP IN MORNING!!!  Love my Thursday morning sleeps, 6:30 am starts to feel like 9 am haha.  So after rolling out of bed I decided to make myself some steel cut oats to take in for breakfast.  I decided to put in coco powder, banana, egg whites and mixed berries with a splash of vanilla cooked it all up and brought it to work in a thermos.  I hadn’t realized how cold it has gotten in the mornings, running down really gets your blood pumping.  A lovely lady passed me on the walk (which I didn’t like but she was nice so that was okay) and commented how we should have mitts… she was onto something.  Now something was really different about this lady, she just seemed to exude a sense of power as in a very influential and successful woman.  Maybe it was the way she was dressed and how she carried herself but she just looked ready to take on the world and in style.  I did get a chuckle though because even though she was wearing a beautiful leather jacket that looked like it cost a fortune, and a lovely tailored skirt she was strutting her stuff in a pair of running shoes.  She did set my smile off for the day.  Anyways I was really glad for a nice warm breakfast at work that morning.

For my exercise that day I decided to drop into barbell blast at lunch.  It was pretty good, I did learn some new weight lifting techniques but felt that I didn’t get an amazing work out however my arms were shaking when I got back to the office.  Since I didn’t have too strenuous a workout I decided some yoga after work was in order.  This time I when with a couple of my friends and ended up getting a little more of a workout than I had bargained for.  It was the hottest class I had been to in a while.  We ended with some really tough core work and I really strained a stomach muscle which still hurts now 😦 big sad face.

Today was an early morning gym but it was a struggle to find exercises that didn’t hurt the ab area.  I ended up doing the stair master, some leg work, and the machines.  It is amazing how much we use our core throughout the day.  It’s not until something is hurt or stiff that you really appreciate how much the body works.  For breakfast it was a bowl of chocolate overnight oats! hmm I would post a picture but it doesn’t seem to be working.  Today was a great day at work.  Not too stressful but not too slow either.  I ended up going for a drink after work with a couple of coworkers.  It was really nice to just have a chat outside of the office.  After a drink I came home and made up a turkey burger that I had frozen and it was delicious.  I had it with a lovely sweet cob of corn and salad with strawberries.  Again my photos aren’t working.  I will have to try again tomorrow.  Okay off to enjoy my Friday evening.  I will try to post a bit of an update sometime this weekend.


Hello once again!

Well I’ve been a bad blogger!  So much for posting every day, I don’t think that that is necessarily for me.  Weekends seem to be the hardest as I alway feel that I am busy doing things away from the house.  So what has been happening these past few days.  As it looks like my last post was Friday let me recap from Saturday until today.  Saturday was another no John morning but the last of those for a couple of days 😀 he came home later on Saturday night.  I started the morning by completing a total Body burn out!

It was great and really had me sweating!  I started chatting to a couple of other people at the gym who I overheard suffered from panic attacks just like me!!!  It was really interesting to compare the symptoms we had and how similar they were.  In a strange way it was a real comfort to know that other people have the same problem and the dizziness and shortness of breath are all common symptoms!  After that great work out I decided on a nice hot oatmeal breakfast.  This was oats, water, egg whites, mashed strawberry and bananas, with fruit, milk, and chia gel sprinkled on top mmm good!

After breakfast I decided to hit up the market and then head down to catch up with my parents after lunch.  They had just finished batches of pickles and relish so loaded me up with a large sampling to take home!

John was home around six and I had decided to make turkey apple burgers which were above amazing and will definitely be made again. I served corn, salad, and a golden beat on the side.  Of course they were topped with the pickles and relish my parents had given me!


Recipe for the Orchard Turkey Burgers

We ended the evening watching Drive, which was meh but that was okay as it was a recording on the PVR

Sunday was a lovely rest day with just a few walks thrown in and some cleaning and reorganizing.  I kicked off the morning with a nice pumpernickel bagel with honey, peanut butter, and banana with sliced apples on the side.  The bagel was from Waynes bagels at the market.  The make some pretty stunningly good ones!

During the day we managed to tidy things up and buy some nightstands wich we had been needing for years (no word of a lie when I say YEARS!).

After a busy day John took me out for dinner to a lovely Italian restaurant called Mercatos but first I treated him to some lovely cocktails at Ox and Angela.  I had a wonderful margarita and John got the Mojito.  I love how the muddle the fruit right in your glass, it makes everything so fresh!

  Almsot like health drinks, no?

I wish that I had taken pictures of the food as it was simply amazing.  We started with cuttlefish stuffed with shrimp and focaccia on a jalapeno reduction.  The were lightly breaded and pan fried.  Then we moved onto the bucatini with scallops, again delicious.  These noodles were tossed in seasoned breadcrumbs and olive oil and the scallops were cooked to perfection.  After watching many episodes of Hell’s Kitchen, we both now how hard it is too cook a good scallop.  Our Secondi was a baked sea bream that you had to fillet yourself.  There were some bones but they were so big you would know if you had one.  All of the dishes were enjoyed with a lovely bottle of red wine… kind of left me with a headache the next day but so worth it.  For dessert (yes we still had room) was a HUGE piece of the lightest and creamiest tiramisu outside of Italy that I ever had.  This thing was about the size of my head!  The tiramisu was washed down with a couple of cappuccinos to end the most fantastic meal!

Onto Monday!  Monday started with a foggy head :S and a bowl of oats.  After recovering a little bit we both decided to lace up the running shoes and head out for an 8km run which we completed with no problems after loading ourselves with energy the night before.  We decided to have a nice relaxed lunch and then I dragged John out to return a pair of running shoes, alas my pick loves were not to be.  I will have to continue the hunt.

Dinner was a lovely pork chop, mashed potatoes, golden beet and salad lovingly prepared by John.

I am whizzing through the days but the night is going…


John had to take off once again for a week in the morning so I headed down to the gym and got in a work out that started with 20 min on the stair stepper and then some free weights with some leg extensions and presses thrown into the mix.  Breakfast was my favorite of the week so far!  My chocolate overnight oats!

It was a pretty uneventful day other than a land sale that I had to present my work on.  After the work day was over I headed down to my parents for dinner as our poor pup was going in for surgery today (which went very successfully!!!!).  It was nice to just hang out with my parents and enjoy a lovely hamburger dinner with corn and potato salad with a couple random bits of sushi and apple pie for desert.  Such good pie, my mom really has this down.


Okay so today I was determined to hit the treadmill for a good long run and……. I DID IT!! 8km and a bit went down with no nasty reflux action!  I felt like a million bucks and I even remembered my towel so I felt like a squeaky clean million bucks!  Breakfast was well deserved and once again it was overnight oats made with mashed banana, whole rasberries, and whole blueberries oh and some peanut butter!  I really should have something different tomorrow.  I also ate a banana after this as I was still hungry.

Today was another regular day.  But I might have to through my computer through the window tomorrow if it is still as slow as it was today!  I did get a lot done and was glad when lunch time rolled around.  Today was a tuna wrap with veggies and hummus!

After getting home from work I decided to do some laundry and make some dinner.  Tonight was a lovely shrimp stir fry that I will post the recipe for later this week.

I really can’t wait to have the leftovers for dinner tomorrow!  It will do the trick after a hot yoga session that is planned for tomorrow with a couple of friends.

So that brings me up to date in a quick recap kind of way.  Teddy is recovering from his surgery well, such a relief.  Poor guy was really being bothered by some growths.  It’s not fair that dogs have to age so much faster than humans.

Well off to make some tea and something sweet and plunking myself down for a little trash TV.

Okay I was lazy yesterday…

Well I missed posting for the first time yesterday in over a week of starting this blog.  Yesterday was a lovely day full of friends and good food!  I decided to have a lazy morning and started my day off with baked oatmeal with blueberries Baked Oatmeal

It reminded me of Bread pudding so so so delicious and fast!  I also added egg whites into the mixture for added protein as well as some chia seeds and instead of almonds I added ground flax and hemp seeds.

After this delightful breakfast I ran some much needed errands and met my best friend and her oldest little boy for lunch.  We headed to Community Natural Foods and loaded up on their amazing salad bar.  She also dropped so big news that she is expecting her third child in March!!!!  So excited for her and her family!  She is the greatest mom and has such wonderful children!

After I got home I decided to get my but in gear and go for a short run.  It turned into 8km!  Not bad, not bad at all.

I was really hungry all afternoon because of this so indulged in some home made pumpkin muffins and then fruit and then dinner!

After dinner it was off to my friends house for a drink and a catch up.  Phew my day off turned into a busy one 😀




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