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Yay for Thursday Friday!!

Woo so that was a nice short week and now onto a fantastic loooooong weekend!  It’s going to be so nice to have four days off and with good weather!

So today I got to sleep in an extra 10 min!  haha doesn’t sound like much but it felt like a good long time.  But with the good comes the bad, being a physical first thing this morning.  I still managed to sneak in a good gym time tho.  It started with a 20min stair stepper and then into a great circuit, which I like to think of as my fun friday circuit.  I will have to find the link and paste it here.  I have been doing a lot of reading into fitness blogs and have founds some really good ones.  I will have to start a page to keep track of them.

So after my physical I decided I deserved a nice Artigiano coffee!  I began my walk there getting very excited for the expected coffee only to see a massive line up that went out the door!  So sad 😦  It was the corporate swill for this girl and a bowl of fruit, yogurt and cereal for breakfast that held me over until lunch time!  Lunch was another chickpea wrap with veggies and an apple on the side.  The only problem with the recipe for these is that it makes a gallon of filling that has to be used up.  Seriously you can make it Monday and finish it Friday haha.  The afternoon munchies really kicked off today so I went for one of the healthy muffins I made earlier this week mmmm right?  WRONG!!  I had baked them in those silicon baking cups and left them in them for a few days and the taste of the silicon permeated the muffins.  SO BITTER!  There is a lesson learned.  It was a good thing our office manager (or office mom as I like to call her) just filled the kitchen with mini chocolate bars and cookies.

After work I decided a little stretchy yoga was in order so I headed to a nice Hot Power Yoga class with one of my favorite instructors… yay for long weekend ab work or not.  But it was lovely to get in those stretches.

Dinner was leftovers from last night and desert was the same as last nights but with peach, mango, and banana mixed in with the yogurt, ricotta cheese and angel food cake.  I guess since I made it again tonight it is a winner recipe in my books.  Now to curl up on the couch and watch some “trashy” TV!

And I did write this last night but just forgot to publish it… oops


Not Such a Wacky Wednesday

Well Wednesday night has rolled around again.  And I must say that these days are not too eventful unfortunately, oh well tomorrow is my FRIDAY!!  and a four day weekend to boot!

Today I got to the gym once again and completed 20min on the stair master and 20 min on a bike followed by a couple lunges and squats, plank, and skater… again I really need to give myself some credit 😀

Today’s breaky was overnight oats strawberry and banana flavour.  I liked ’em but I do love the chocolate banana strawberry just a smidgen more… could it be the chocolate?

Lunch was a chickpea wrap with filling from last night and some veg on the side.

John is still away and looks like he will be until Saturday now.  Oh well maybe I can surprise  him with a little something when he comes home.

So as I am left to my own devices tonight I decided the floors needed a good vacuum and everything should get a dusting, phew.  That was a workout in itself, we sure don’t have the lightest of vacuums.  Time to invest in a dyson?  Maybe we’ll just wait until we get a house.

So for dinner after this adventure I whipped up a lovely fresh pasta with cod and salad.  I think this is one of my best pasta creations yet!  I decided to be adventurous and basically add all the veggies we had in the fridge into the sauce, the included: eggplant, zucchini, pepers, onion, celery, adobe pepper, sun dried tomatoes, and cherry tomatoes all simmered in white wine.  SO GOOD!!!


Last night I created a wonderful desert and I think I might have to try it again today with a little variation.  I combined ricotta cheese, greek yogurt, ben and Jerry’s Ice cream and crumbled angel food cake into a lovely cheesecake tasting concoction.  Tonight I think I will try some frozen mashed banana, ricotta cheese, plain yogurt, peach, and leftover cake.  Should be interesting I will let you know how it goes.

A Frustrating Tuesday

Well at least this evening got better, a lot better than this morning.  So hear is the story… I went to the gym bright and early (although it is getting darker in the morning but i digress) determined to put some km’s on the new shoes but to my disappointment my heart burn and reflux came on with a vengeance.  Yes I suffer from GERD and it is SO frustrating!  One day I’ll be fine and then next I feel almost crippled.  I had gotten through 10 min of my run on the treadmill when I started to taste the familiar taste of bile… SO GROSS, so I opted for 20min on the elliptical rather than throwing in the towel.  Now that I think about it I should be proud of myself for grinding on.  After that cardio burst I headed upstairs to do some weights.  It was interesting watching some people do their routines, you really learn that fast reps don’t really work the muscle like a nice slow one.

I was really not feeling well all morning so my breakfast was some simple fruit, yogurt, and cereal with coffee (I know, I know not good for the heartburn).  After a while I started to feel better and decided to partake in some mini butter cream cupcakes!


The rest of the day was pretty uneventful.  John is away for the next couple of nights so I get the place to myself for a bit.  It will be nice but I miss him already haha.  I did manage to whip up a nice dinner for one.  How I do love chickpea wraps!  I will post this recipe on my blog in the very near future!

chickpea wrap with seared eggplant and goat cheese!

And just to add, it was a wonderful late summers evening in Calgary

Another Scorcher Monday

Wow has it been warm in Calgary again today!  We reached a high of 32oC and it sounds like we’re in for an above seasonal fall!  Nothing too exciting our out of the ordinary has happened today.  A little rush at work but nothing too bad.  I did manage to get some new running shoes at lunch!  They were very much needed seeing as my other shoes had holes in the toes… oops.  These ones look like they will be fun to break in.  Might try them on the treadmill tomorrow for a little run around.

So this morning started with a nice gym time.  It started with a 20 min stair master (I seem to be gravitating towards that more frequently these days) and then moved onto my super sweaty ab circuit.


It really did get me sweating but I felt I could do a little bit more with the arms so I ended with some triceps dips and flies and ended with a quick row.  Not bad for a Monday morning.  I did forget my flip flops for the shower this morning, I will have to keep checking the bottoms of my feet!  yuck!

After that workout my tummy was rumbling for some overnight oats

Today I went back to my chocolate banana strawberry concoction mmm so good!

So after a busy day at work I came home and relaxed a little before making dinner.  I am currently reading the 50 shades of grey trilogy and thought I could get a little more into the second book.  I did try but it got a little too hot to enjoy it outside so I came in and started on dinner.  Tonights menu was a delicious portabella mushroom burger with sweet potato, corn and peas.  I love this dinner, the mushroom is really “meaty” but I always add some cheese for a little boost in the fats.

Well I think John and I are off for a nice evening walk and then I might try and whip up a little baked granola or muffins to take for work snacks this week rather than the chocolate covered granola bars I had today… oops.  Just before home time my sweet tooth tends to kick in.  I wonder what time everyone else has their munch on?



A Wonder in the Woods Sunday

Well we have just arrived home after another amazing hike in the Canadian Rocky’s!  This time with a great friend who is moving to town in northern Alberta next week.  Sure will miss him.


So the hike was a beautiful one in Kananaskis Country called Ribbon Creek.  It was a splendid 18km ramble by a creek and ended at a waterfall.  Now from the waterfall you do have the option to hike up to a lake, which we totally intended to do.  However, about a 1km or just shy of the lake you had to scale a cliffby hanging onto a chain.  I managed to psych myself out and we had to turn back.  I was pretty bummed and want to try it again next year!  It was actually a good thing that we didn’t manage to make it to the lake because on the hike down we actually ran into two of our friends we hadn’t seen in so long.  It was great to catch up with them and hear about their two little babies (twins!!!) that are 2.5 years old, how time flies.

Tonights dinner is Mexican courtesy of John and I must say it is smelling so good after a strenuous hike.

I am really feeling ambitious tonight and am going to make myself fully prepare for my week ahead at work by chopping up my veggies and getting all my little bits together so I can just grab my stuff and head to the gym in the morning.  We’ll see if this actually happens 😉

Day “off” Saturday

Well here is a recap from last night.  I was really excited to make a lovely teriyaki salmon for dinner, I love salmon.  This was the skin on variety, which I am not such a big fan of but normally just remove the skin after it’s cooked, no biggie.  But for some reason the taste of the skin permeated the entire fish.  John didn’t seem to mind but I couldn’t eat it.  I think this is the fist meal I just haven’t been able to get through EVER!  Good thing I had a heaping helping of rice left over… and cereal… and toast haha.  Spent the rest of the evening chilling and chatting with a friend at watch a little Harry Potter that happened to be on.  I think if I were at Hogwarts I would really be into the potions class.

It was lovely to lay curled up in my warm bed until about 7:30 this morning.  I think I am really starting to get used to getting up before 6.  It was a lovely cooler morning here to after a hearty oatmeal breakfast for myself and bacon and egg breakfast for John we decided to take a nice morning walk through our neighbourhood stopping at a few garage sales along the way, alas no amazing finds.  After getting back we decided to head over to our favorite market, The Cross Roads Market, where we loaded up on heaps of fresh veggies and fruit.  I just realized with John in the field I am going to have to be ambitious to get through all of our produce.  Before heading to the market we stopped to get our mail and found a notice telling us we had a package waiting for us.  We weren’t expecting anything so had no idea what it could be.  It turned out our wedding photographer had sent us a little thank you note and gift!

She sent us chocolate bars and some temporary tattoos in connection with some stories we had of costumes we had worn.  Mine was a pink unicorn when I was little and John’s was a giant rabbit costume from when he was not so little (a story for another day).

Well we are off to a friends for some lip smacking smoked ribs, wine, fun and dessert.  Dessert is my contribution, angel food cake which turned out not too badly!  I will be serving some nice fruit and honey along side it.  Happy Saturday!


Rainy Friday

Ok, so waking up to rain this morning was a change.  It has been such a fantastic summer that I have forgotten what a rainy day is.  It is nice to have a little break from all of the hot weather.  I had a big dilemma today about whether to go to the gym this morning or not.  In the end I decided to go, it was either run down in the rain now or walk down later both ways I was getting wet.  Glad I did though because it turned into a great one.  Started with 20 min on the Stair Stepper and then did a full body work out.  Rounded it out by meeting John for coffee before heading to work 🙂 Not a bad start.  Wasn’t too hungry this morning so I had a late breakfast (shouldn’t make that a habit).  It was nice to go back to overnight oats again.  I really missed them yesterday.

Check out that lovely Americano to go mmm.

Now I just have to figure out what to do on a rainy Friday evening?  Movie in or meet up with friends hmmm.


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