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WIAW 05/03/2014 Bruno You Almost Killed Me

Well Wednesday is officially winding down.  I hope the fist half of the week has been enjoyable for everyone.  Mine has been busy and cold… so nothing really new there.  Since it is Wednesday and I have a phone full of food photos I may as well join in on the fun going on over at Peas and Crayons and contribute to WIAW.  This will be my second week of a wheat free WIAW and that means I have also made it over a week without wheat and you know what?  I don’t even miss it!!


Thanks so much Jenn for hosting 🙂

Breakfast: Before hopping on the bike to head into work I devoured half of a perfectly ripe grapefruit.  For some reason I usually only have them hanging around on weekends, I think that this will have to 1

Once I peddled my little legs to work I checked emails did some work and then dived into coffee and overnight oats with apple and PB on top.  That mug is my new favourite 🙂

photo 2

After my usual work through the morning I broke for snack one of a banana, not pictured but I am sure you know what the look like 😉

Real Snack 1 I was getting pretty hungry and had a lunchtime workout planned so I put together a yogurt/ricotta bowl with blueberries, strawberries, and granola.  I also had a hot cup of tea.  I am pretty sure I munched my way through a couple of Merry’s crackers and some almonds as 3

My workout consisted of 20min on the treadmill all while trying in vain to get my netfix to work.  Unfortunately the internet just didn’t want to cooperate.  After my warm up I completed the 30min Be Explosive NTC  workout.  It kicked my butt and my arms felt slightly broken.

By the time I got back to work I was getting Hangry.

Lunch: A massive salad filled with nuts, cheese, humus, and avocado.  It actually filled me up for about a minute before I went back for some more crackers and humus.

photo 4

Work, work, work,..

Snack 2 Apple, more crackers and humus (they are too good), and a couple jube jubes.  I know you know what an apple looks like but here it is anyway 🙂

photo 5

I left work and met John so that we could peddle home together into the sunset…. ya, movie material right there.

By the time we got home I was ready to eat anything that got in my way.

Dinner: A stir fry filled with veggies and shrimp over rice noodles.  I already know that I will be snacking tonight and may have already had a rice cake topped with PB.


After dinner I quickly headed to the library to pick up The Wheat Belly Cookbook.  I am exited to see what it has in store.  On the way home Bruno Mars came on the radio and I almost drove off the road in my panic to change the station.  Bruno, you almost killed me!

Have a great night everyone and I hope the rest of the week is a good one!


1) Is there any music artist you can’t stand?

2) Do you have a favourite plate/bowl/mug etc?



WIAW 26/02/2014 going Wheat Free

I am back! Sorry about disappearing again, life just got so busy and busy in a good way. What could be better than jumping back in for another WIAW eats from Tuesday 🙂 thanks to Jenn as always for hosting.

Well the day stared off frrrrreeeeeezzzzzing once again but john and I decided to brave the cold and peddle ourselves down to work. My tose nearly fell off… This meant that when I got to work a hot beverage was needed STAT! Enter coffee number one that was quickly followed by my hot oatmeal I prepared before work.
breakfast…photo 1 (2)

photo 2 (2)

I have been craving cooked oats much more than overnight oats these last few days.  I am putting it down to the cold weather.

Oh and before I get too far into this post I should mention that I am trying to go wheat free (not gluten free) for one month starting yesterday. Why? Because I read Wheat Belly and wanted to see if I am addicted to wheat. If I don’t notice any AMAZING benefits you can bet my first breakfast will be a bagel!  Please note that I have a good relationship with food.  If you are battling with food issues, please do not start to cut things out of your diet unless instructed to do so by a doctor.

Okay, onto snacks
There was a banana, an apple, and an un pictured rice cake or 2 with peanut butter and coffee number 3

photo 3 (2)I worked hard through the morning and did a quick lunch gym session and had my first run in a month! It only lasted 20min and felt great but I won’t be pushing it anytime soon.

Needless to say I was really hangry hungry after and was ready for lunchphoto 4 (2)

Left over Kung pow chicken with quinoa and broccoli. I was still hungry so I had a granola bar as well (wheat free :D).photo 2

The afternoon had me munching on everything from chocolate to oranges to veggies with a sampling of dips including humus and artichoke dip !  I remembered in the nick of time to grab one picture of my last nibble of 3

photo 4

By the time we rode home we were both more than ready for dinner of bass, barley, and roasted veggies!  I was snacking the hole time I was making this on almonds and some rice crackers.

photo 5

You can bet your bottom dollar there will be some snacking going on this evening too 😉 (turned out to be frozen blueberries)

Take care everyone!

1) have you ever tried to give up a food or addiction?
2) do you have any near freezing experiences?

WIAW and Thinking Out Loud Combo 13/02/2014

Well hello there!  And hello Thursday 😀  I have had a pretty busy work day on Wednesday i.e. it is currently 7:45 pm and I am still working (at home).  Le sigh…..  So how is your week going?  I personally am shocked that we are one day from Friday WHOOP!  Does anyone have any plans for Valentines Day?  I will address our plans in todays combo of…


Thank you to both Jenn and Amanda for hosting these fantastic link ups!  I am going to try and combine these two fantastic days into one post!Okay well here is my first random thought… 1) Why is wordpress centring all my text?  Frustrating…..2) I am so proud of how Canada is doing in the Olympics!  We are putting up a really good showing for these games 😀  I can’t wait to watch some more events!Now how about some eats from Tuesday!Breakfast! photo 1-2 photo 3Overnight oats with PB, black berries, and strawberries.  All topped off with some milk and a hot coffee on the side.  Perfect start to the day!Snackphoto 4A really good apple!  I also had another cup of coffee.  And then the saddest part of the day happened…photo 2-1the last sip of coffee 😦Thinking out loud 3) I really like milk in my coffee but not cream because I don’t like the taste.  People always look at me funny if I say they offer a coffee and if they only have cream and no milk that I will take it black.  And then I always feel judged….Thought 4) I am pretty sure I also ate a banana in there as well.  Until a couple of years ago I used to HATE bananas, as in they made me gag.  Now I eat at least one a day, but only if they are ripe and getting little brown spots on the peelLunchphoto 5Not very exciting, but in the wrap was tuna, cheese, some veggies, and mustard.  I always heat them up so that the cheese gets melty.  On the side were some veggies, Food Should Taste Good chips, and hummus.  Thought 5) I love salads but I can’t even try to think about having one for lunch these days.  It’s just too cold for me to crave cold food.  I even have to warm up sandwiches for the to seem appealing.Thought 6) Even thought it’s been -26oC every morning this week John and I have biked in.  I can’t even describe how much better it is than paying $12 each per day and cramming onto the train.  Plus it gets the blood pumping in the morning.Afternoon Snackphoto 1-3A triple chocolate chunks ahoy cookie (or two ;)) and a cold glass of grapefruit juice mixed with soda water.  Perfect for an afternoon pick me up!  I am pretty sure I snacked on a few more chips as well.Thought 7) How do early birds catch the worms in the morning on freezing winter mornings when the ground is frozen?  It is this thought that makes me think we should all get up as late as possible in the winter.  Because the early bird starves to death in the cold.Thought 8) My blog celebrated it’s first birthday last weekend.  I am so happy that I have been consistent with it.  It’s been so much fun and I have met so many neat people 😀  It really is a bright spot of my day to sit down and blog.


photo 2-2Dinner was an awesome chicken burger on a whole wheat bun.  On the side was a sweet potato with salsa and greek yogurt. I also had a big side salad for some greens.

Thought 9) I love ending my nights with tea.  I think I have tried all of Davids Tea desert teas!

Thought 10) John is now showing off his karate skills… makes me laugh.  Love him!

Bedtime snackphoto 2A home made granola bar!

Well that 10 thoughts and my eats!  I hope you have a great week day 😀


1) Tell me one random fact about yourself.

2) Do you have a favourite olympic event?



WIAW 04/02/2014

Okay, so I was super lazy last night and didn’t get around to writing up today’s post until this morning, so my apologies if it’s rushed.  So tired today too, we had about 5 different phone calls and emails between John and I for work.  That 5 also includes John’s sleep walking session where he thought the bed was full of snakes and started smacking all the sheets around him and then started to do toe touches because he got a leg cramp.  Stressed much?  So yesterday’s eats were really good and I can’t wait to share them with you on this instalment of What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday!  Thanks so much to Jenn for hosting this link up!

Pre Breakfast was a small bowl of cereal.

photo 1

Actual Breakfastphoto 1

Old picture but I had a bowl of overnight oats with black berries, strawberries, and banana with my good friend…photo 1

Mid Morning Munchies

photo 2

An apple, a rice cake with PB and another cup of liquid AWAKE ;)!!!!

Lunchphoto 2

A wrap filled with left over pot roast, veggies, cheese, and humus.  On the side veggies, humus and Food Should Taste Good Chips.  It really hit the spot for this sicky.  And being under the weather meant no lunchtime workout for this girlie… maybe after work today?

Afternoon munchiesphoto 3

A rice cake topped off with the rest of the mornings banana.  It would have been better with PB.

Dinnerphoto 4

Baked Pickerel with lemon and garlic, brown rice with stir fried veggies, and peas on the side.  This was really good and reminds me how much I love fish!

A little late night pick me up!photo 5

And by late I mean 8pm haha.  In the bowl was blackberries, watermelon, and some un-photographed  strawberries.  And of course a hot cup of tea!  I also threw in another small bowl of cereal and some bread with PB for good measure.

And last but not least, here is a picture from this morning.  mmmmmmm -26 oC


On the bright side, it’s supposed to warm up…

weatherBiking in might be in my future!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!


1)  Do you sleep walk?  Or been around someone who is sleep walking?

2) What was the best thing you ate yesterday?

WIAW 29/01/2014

Hello! Hello!

I am in a bit of a tare while I am writing this as I have just got back from an Body Attack class and still have to finish some food.  So here are my eats from Tuesday!  Thank you to Jenn for hosting this like up!

Breakfastphoto 1 photo 2A hot up of coffee followed closely by some overnight oats with sliced banana and PB.  I ate the rest of the banana as a mid morning snack!

photo 3


photo 2

This is a file footage picture but I basically had this for lunch.  In the wrap was some left over pulled chicken chilli from the weekend with some cheese.  Veggies, hummus, and some chips were enjoyed on the side.  After this plate I also chomped into an apple

photo 4(file footage again)

For a mid afternoon snack I ate one of these granola bars


(picture stolen from Amanda)

And ate a juicy orangephoto 5

Before I headed off to body attack I had a small bowl of cereal with milk.

Dinner photo 3A fried egg sandwich with cheese, avocado, tomato, spinach, and ketchup.  That little pickle on the side was so so good and helped bring up my salt levels 😉

To finish off the night I polished off a bowl of cereal with black berries and strawberries.  Why don’t I eat this more often?

wiaw dinner


1) Do you ever wish you had more hours in the day?

2) Do you have a favourite day of the week?

WIAW 22/01/2014 and Oh the Injury!

As I was writing the title of my post I almost fell out of my chair, how can it possibly be Jan 22 already?  It felt like Christmas and New Years were just last week!  Time flies when you’re having fun eh?

I haven’t mentioned it yet, but I have been battling some really bad IT band issues this past week or so.  It was getting so bad that it was actually hurting just walking down the street.  I am putting it down to overuse and not a lot of muscle/band TLC.  I think I have it on the mend now but I have been really missing the running.  I have been on the spin bikes quite a bit the last few days and I am just so glad for my iPad and Netflix.  I am running out of training ideas though.  I am getting board of core/upper body workouts 😦  I guess if I look on the bright side, I am still able to do those!  But I am still a little frustrated…

But lets move on to more important things, like FOOD!  HAPPY WIAW Sunday!  Thanks for  hosting Jenn!!

Well now, I love posting my weekend eats once in a while.  I always love my food a little more when I put a little more effort into it.

Breakfastphoto 2

John made pancakes… I ate pancakes!  These ones are so good.  They are made with mashed banana and whole wheat flour among some other tasty ingredients.  While they were cooking I plopped in some blueberries.  I topped mine with peanut butter, a little maple syrup, coconut, and chia seeds.  On this side I seared apples slices dusted with cinnamon.  I wish all mornings could start like this.

These actually held me over until Lunch!

photo 3

I guess the filling was shy and didn’t want to be seen!  In the wrap was tuna, cheese, mustard, tomato, pickle, and spinach.  I decided to grill the wrap and get the cheese all melty inside.  I also had some leftover salad on the side.  This made for a really filling lunch but I was still ready for a mid afternoon Snack

photo 4

A nice hot cup of tea and on of these home made granola bars (x2).  Seriously like I’ve said before, these things are addictive.  I think I will need to make a new batch in the near future.

Before I knew it the day was almost done and it was time to sit down to Dinner

photo 5

For tonights meal I made black bean burgers topped with brie cheese and served in a whole wheat bun.  These things are really pretty tasty and I had to go back for another patty.  We also had sweet potato and salad.  And I can’t finish a day without some form of Dessert

photo (1)

Home made chocolate that John made on Saturday.  He is really turning out to be quite the chef!


1) Have you ever had an IT band injury?  What did you find helped it to heal faster?

2) What was the best thing you ate this last week?

WIAW 15/01/2014 With a Little Extra Thrown In

How is the week half way through already!?  I feel like I just woke up and it was Monday.  I know I love weekends but I don’t really enjoy when the weekdays go by in a blur.  In an interesting note today I have had the opportunity to take up horse back riding lessons again.  I used to ride and compete back in Jr. High through to University but had to give it up as it became a huge financial commitment.  I think that if I start again, I will make sure that it’s very casual (in formality that is) at least starting out.  To be honest I have missed it like crazy so hopefully I can be back up in the saddle again 🙂

Well seeing as it is Wednesday there should be a little focus on the eats of Wednesday Tuesday.  Thanks Jenn at Peas and Crayons and all who participate for making WIAW such a success!

WIAW fun food fitness july button


Before I left for work I did snack on a handful of cereal as I put my actual breakfast together that I eat at work.  That breakfast was coffee followed by a yogurt, fruit, and cereal bowl.  I only had half the banana in the bowl so I saved the other half for a little way into the morning.  It was very satisfying and kept me full until it was snack time.


(old pictures because I was to hungry to remember to take any this morning)


The morning snack today was a large apple

(file footage again)

(file footage again)

followed by some leftover cold pizza that John made on the weekend

(first actual picture of the day.  Looks appetizing doesn't it ;)

(first actual picture of the day. Looks appetizing doesn’t it 😉

Seeing as this WIAW involves fitness as well as food I will include my workout.  Around lunch time I headed to the gym to hit up the treadmill for a 10km run.  I just have to mention again how awesome the ipad mini is and how amazing Netflix is.  It made the run fly by!  But I really can’t wait to get outside running again.

By the time I got back to the office I was more than ready for…

Lunchphoto 2It sorta fell apart but in the wrap is leftover salmon from Monday nights dinner along with some cheese, veggies and mustard.  On the side were some veggies, hummus, and some Food Should Taste Good Chips (love ’em).

That kept me going for most of the afternoon aside from half a granola bar that I had but didn’t really like, hence only eating half.  It was a Fibre One bar I found in the office kitchen but it tasted kind of chemically and artificial.

After a packed train ride home and a really busy work day I was able to get a little creative in the kitchen and whipped up a chicken Masala from a recipe I had found in my Quinoa Revolution Cookbook —> highly recommend this book for nutritious and quick dinners.

Dinnerphoto 3In the bowl is the Chicken Masala with Quinoa underneath and a side salad.

hmmmm wasn’t fun part of this WIAW button?  hmmmmmmmmm does taking down the Christmas tree count?  No, I didn’t think so either but it had to get done.  Bye bye treephoto 4

I am writing this Tuesday night but I am thinking that the night will end with a little TV/Tea/Snacking time.

photo 5

Have a great Wednesday!


1) Have you ever tried Quinoa?  Do you like it?  I have to say I LOVE it!

2) When do you take down your Christmas tree?

3) How do you usually end your nights?


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