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Thinking Out Loud 27/02/2014

Wow, two posts in a row!  That’s pretty good for me these days :S  I have kind of been pushing my life to get a little busier these days, busy with friends and getting out more.  And I have to be honest that I am quite enjoying it.  So how are you doing?  How has your week been?  I am so happy that it’s Thursday because that means the last business casual day until casual Friday 😀  Well I feel like today is a good day to link up with Amanda and all the other bloggers and participate in…


1) I have really been enjoying getting out more on weeknights.  I have finally gotten over my “it’s too cold to go out” mentality.  I was starting to feel house bound and needed to DO SOMETHING!  So on Saturday we met up with some friends for a couple of beers and then headed over to the Loose Moose Theatre for a night of improve.  We really had a blast and I think another comedy night should be in our future.  On Monday John and I went out with friends to (FINALLY) see the lone soldier.  Oh my goodness, what an emotional movie.  If you haven’t seen it you really should.  I have to admit that the book, in my opinion, was better but that is usually how it goes.

2) I am currently writing at 8:15 on Wednesday night after doing a quick grocery shop.  I really needed to pick up some snack foods that didn’t include wheat.  I found some things but I am already REALLY missing my nightly bowl of cereal.  I am going to have to make some granola this weekend to satisfy my cereal and milk tooth.

3) I don’t know if I can make a whole month without wheat… these past two days have actually been really tough.  I hope it get’s better however with that being said my parents want to go out for an Italian dinner next weekend.  I am thinking I might have to give in for one night as I can’t pass up fresh pasta.  That is basically a sin.

4) I have finished the only two seasons of Downton Abby on Netflix.  Season 3 isn’t out until June… cruel cruel fait.  This is really sad and means I have to find another show to get into.  My lovely friend tells me Suits is a great show so that may be on the list.  Life is so tough!

5) It got up to 3oC today 🙂  it’s supposed to be a high of -22oC on the weekend 😦  WHY OH WHY IS THE GOOD WEATHER DURING THE WEEK!?

6) I am going for another massage today and this time they are going to try a hip release.  I felt so much better after getting my muscles worked on last week so I hope this fixes the last little niggles.

7) I had my first, albiet short, run on Tuesday and I felt on top of the world!  I felt a little pain on Wednesday morning so I am going to lay off running anymore until the weekend.  If all goes well I am hoping to sign up for the Calgary Half Marathon again in May.  Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me!

8) I can’t stop on odd numbers…. now I have writers block… well this counts as 8!

Have a great Thursday!

Photo of the morning…sunrise


1) What are some social activities you like to do during the week?

2) Are you hooked on any shows at the moment?


MIMM 10/02/2014

AH did I make it!?  It’s still Monday?  I can partake?  Thanks Katie for hostingMiMM

Sorry for the late Monday post.  I was really lazy on the weekend blog wise.  Buuuuuuuuuuut GUESS WHO TURNED 1 OVER THE WEEKEND?  That’s right, my little piece of the blog world officially celebrated its first anniversary :D.  Although I really wasn’t a consistent blogger in the beginning.  It feels pretty cool though and I am really considering hosting my own blog site.  I need to do some more research into that but any suggestions or comments on the matter would be greatly appreciated.

well Marvellous in my Monday was…. Turning one 😉

Marvellous was… waking up Saturday feeling mostly better 😀  That’s right stupid sickness I beat you down with a stick, take that!

Marvellous was… feeling well enough to go out and see the Hobbit on Saturday night.  Ahh it was fun to finally get to see it although we had originally planned to go and see the Lone Survivor but who want’s to go and see a movie that starts at 10?  Not this old woman haha.  We really enjoyed the movie but they left it on such a cliff hanger GAH

Marvellous was… Getting really into Downton Abby!  Has anyone watched this series?  It is really good, kind of like a scandalous Pride and Prejudice or 1-1

Marvellous was… Julie’s egg white and oatmeal protein pancake.  I made another one on Sunday morning after a good run and it tasted amazing!  I topped this one with black berries, strawberries, chia seeds, PB, and a little maple 2

Marvellous was… Going to my parents for dinner on Sunday night.  Good food, good wine, good time!

and last but not least….

Marvellous was…. finding this little gem this morning!  Ahhh runners hahaha

Thinking Out Loud 29/01/2014

Hi there!  How are you doing today?  What’s new and exciting today?  I feel like I just wrote a Thinking Out Loud post, but here we go again.  As always, thank you to Amanda for hosting and to everyone that participates!


  • I feel like these past few day I have had trouble fitting in everything I want to do in my free time.  This includes blogging, shopping, reading, cleaning, friends… how has everything gotten so busy!?  Hopefully I can start catching up on things this weekend or find someone/invent a cloning machine.
  • I am starting to get the itch to travel… the question is
  • Is it odd that the only thing keeping me from changing gyms is that I need WIFI now?
  • Speaking of the gym, I was able to get in my first run in forever this afternoon with no pain!  Interesting since I felt it a little after Body Attack Tuesday night Fingers crossed that things are slowly healing.
  • I am thinking that if everything is feeling good for the next couple of weeks I will sign up again for the Calgary Half Marathon in May.  I ran it last year with John and LOVED it!  Now to get a better time (under 1:55).
  • I got an email from the Bay to Breakers run, in San Francisco that we signed up for, today.  This is making me really excited and we will be running it over my birthday weekend!  Is anyone else going to be running this?  It looks like a blast.
  • I am so hooked on the Hunger Games series now.  The first book is great so far and even though I have seen the movie, the book is definitely keeping me reading.
  • Our insurance company has been taking an extra payment from us since August.  They will be paying us back but this will keep me on top of my finances from now on!
  • I had to take the train home after work today due to snow… I MISSED MY BIKE RIDE!!  And I feel sad for my bike left in a parking garage overnight… poor thing 😦Bike-to-Work_0
  • I am really excited about going to the hockey game tonight!

Well have a great Thursday and let me know what some of your random thoughts are!

Thinking Out Loud Thursday 23/01/2014 Bye Bye Bieber

Hello there!  How is everyone today?  How has your week been so far?  My week has absolutely flown by and I can’t believe that Friday is tomorrow.  When did that happen.  I am starting to feel like a broken record saying that but it is so true.

Anywho, let’s move onto…Thinking-Out-Loud

Thanks to Amanda, over at Running with Spoons, for hosting.  If you haven’t been to her blog your really should.

1) I think I am going to do a day in the life post on Friday.  I feel like I am really not taking as many (read ANY) photos as I would like.  I think that this would be the right push, plus I think it would be fun

2) The spin bike at the gym and I are becoming friends while I work through this IT band injury.  I used to get so board on it but now I really enjoy playing around with the gears.

3) Work has gotten really really busy these last couple of weeks so I am really enjoying curling up at the end of the day to blog.  It is really nice to reflect on your day and how you felt throughout it.

4) I have been a member of YMCA gym for a few years now but I am starting to think about switching over to Goodlife.  I keep getting cold feet every time I go to cancel my “Y” membership.  I feel like I am a turn coat and keep having second thoughts but I really want a gym with more classes and Goodlife offers the Les Mills ones!

5) It snowed again on Tuesday night, so John and I had to take the train into work Wednesday morning.  When we got on I noticed it was really quiet and no one was saying anything.  I guess everyone had a bad case of the Wednesday blues?  It just so happened that I had a great sleep, was wide awake, and chatting up a storm with John.  After a few stops I started to feel really awkward holding a conversation with everyone else being so silent.  Train=depressed overly tired people?  I kinda wanted to shout “LIFE ISN’T THAT BAD PEOPLE”!

6) I need to find a new portable breakfast food.  I am getting board of overnight oats and my yogurt bowls.  Anyone have any good ideas?  Also are smoothies good after being refrigerated for a few hours?  I don’t want it to separate and go all weird if I do take one to work.

7) This weekend is looking like good weather for a run…. too bad my leg hurts.  It is going to be hard not to be tempted to hit the trails.  But I do think that the IT band issue is responding well to rolling and heat.  I might have to book a massage for sometime soon to.

8) I am actually looking forward to my TV time at the end of the day.  How old lady is that sounding!?  I love being in my Pj’s with a snack, cup of tea, and Breaking Bad.  Obsessed…ya I guess but that’s okay.

9) I have the first Hunger Games book waiting for me at the Library.  I can’t wait to get my hands on it.  I actually hope we get a cold snowy day on the weekend so I can curl up with a book but I don’t think that’s in the cards, see thought 7

10) And now the curser is just blinking at me….so I will leave it at that.

Have a great Thursday everyone!  Except for Bieber, have fun in jail for putting innocent people at risk.  Never was a fan of you.


1) do you have any weekend plans yet?

2) Did you ever read the hunger games?

WIAW 22/01/2014 and Oh the Injury!

As I was writing the title of my post I almost fell out of my chair, how can it possibly be Jan 22 already?  It felt like Christmas and New Years were just last week!  Time flies when you’re having fun eh?

I haven’t mentioned it yet, but I have been battling some really bad IT band issues this past week or so.  It was getting so bad that it was actually hurting just walking down the street.  I am putting it down to overuse and not a lot of muscle/band TLC.  I think I have it on the mend now but I have been really missing the running.  I have been on the spin bikes quite a bit the last few days and I am just so glad for my iPad and Netflix.  I am running out of training ideas though.  I am getting board of core/upper body workouts 😦  I guess if I look on the bright side, I am still able to do those!  But I am still a little frustrated…

But lets move on to more important things, like FOOD!  HAPPY WIAW Sunday!  Thanks for  hosting Jenn!!

Well now, I love posting my weekend eats once in a while.  I always love my food a little more when I put a little more effort into it.

Breakfastphoto 2

John made pancakes… I ate pancakes!  These ones are so good.  They are made with mashed banana and whole wheat flour among some other tasty ingredients.  While they were cooking I plopped in some blueberries.  I topped mine with peanut butter, a little maple syrup, coconut, and chia seeds.  On this side I seared apples slices dusted with cinnamon.  I wish all mornings could start like this.

These actually held me over until Lunch!

photo 3

I guess the filling was shy and didn’t want to be seen!  In the wrap was tuna, cheese, mustard, tomato, pickle, and spinach.  I decided to grill the wrap and get the cheese all melty inside.  I also had some leftover salad on the side.  This made for a really filling lunch but I was still ready for a mid afternoon Snack

photo 4

A nice hot cup of tea and on of these home made granola bars (x2).  Seriously like I’ve said before, these things are addictive.  I think I will need to make a new batch in the near future.

Before I knew it the day was almost done and it was time to sit down to Dinner

photo 5

For tonights meal I made black bean burgers topped with brie cheese and served in a whole wheat bun.  These things are really pretty tasty and I had to go back for another patty.  We also had sweet potato and salad.  And I can’t finish a day without some form of Dessert

photo (1)

Home made chocolate that John made on Saturday.  He is really turning out to be quite the chef!


1) Have you ever had an IT band injury?  What did you find helped it to heal faster?

2) What was the best thing you ate this last week?

Thinking Out Loud Thursday 16/01/2014


“You either run from things, or you face them, Mr. White”

That opening was for my awesome friend but I G rated haha.  She is full of good ideas.  Turns out we are both really into breaking bad, so so good!

Well time to join up with the…


Party!  Thanks for hosting Amanda!


1) I can’t believe I got another late fine on my library card.  I think I might be a lost cause in getting books back to the library in time.  Did I mention I love my ipad?  I can’t wait to start using it as my book 😀

2) Work has been really really busy this week and I am going to use that as my excuse for lack of pictures in the post.  And by lack I mean none.  I actually feel really bad about this because having pictures of my day to look back on make me happy…. even if they usually only involve food, but then again food makes me happy

3) I hate ice in the winter more than anything.  Yes more than working late on a Friday or going to the dentist to get a tooth filled.  It makes me so nervous walking around on the sidewalks these days.  I know I am going to get a face full of cement in my future.  Why the ice?  Well it warmed up significantly over the last couple of days, I mean we are talking positive double digit highs.  This is creating a big melt–> freeze–> angry Christine face.  I complain about the cold and know I am complaining about the warmth haha sorry 🙂

4) I went for Fro Yo with a friend last night and it was amazing.  Well actually I am writing this post before heading out for it, but I have to doubt it will be amazing.  I am trying to figure out my flavour combination as I write this.

5) While I am writing this I am making an omelette for dinner and I have to share that I think I just mastered the omelette flip WHAHOOO

6) I think I have become addicted to running again, but I am okay with this.  I love how it gives me time to clear my mind and lets me refocus.  It is especially enjoyable when you get to run outside like I did at lunch time on Wednesday.  Aside from the ice it was a very pleasant run.

7) John and I are currently planning a date night for Friday and are currently trying to think of a restaurant to try.  Keep an eye out for another review coming your way 🙂  I can’t even remember the last time the two of us went out together.

8) I have been wanting to bake all week but always seem to loose interest at the end of the day.  Hopefully this weekend I will finally get a chance to make these which I have been drooling over at Running with spoons.


9) I am currently loving the TV series breaking bad.  John and I have been watching an episode every night this week (contributing to my baking lazies?) and marvel at how ingenious the writers are.  I want to be a chemist now haha

10) I am finally getting my hair cut tomorrow and am having a dilemma… do I go short on stay long?  decisions decisions…I guess we’ll see over the weekend 😉


1) tell me a thought that has been rolling around in your head!  (yes I know it’s not a question)

WIAW 15/01/2014 With a Little Extra Thrown In

How is the week half way through already!?  I feel like I just woke up and it was Monday.  I know I love weekends but I don’t really enjoy when the weekdays go by in a blur.  In an interesting note today I have had the opportunity to take up horse back riding lessons again.  I used to ride and compete back in Jr. High through to University but had to give it up as it became a huge financial commitment.  I think that if I start again, I will make sure that it’s very casual (in formality that is) at least starting out.  To be honest I have missed it like crazy so hopefully I can be back up in the saddle again 🙂

Well seeing as it is Wednesday there should be a little focus on the eats of Wednesday Tuesday.  Thanks Jenn at Peas and Crayons and all who participate for making WIAW such a success!

WIAW fun food fitness july button


Before I left for work I did snack on a handful of cereal as I put my actual breakfast together that I eat at work.  That breakfast was coffee followed by a yogurt, fruit, and cereal bowl.  I only had half the banana in the bowl so I saved the other half for a little way into the morning.  It was very satisfying and kept me full until it was snack time.


(old pictures because I was to hungry to remember to take any this morning)


The morning snack today was a large apple

(file footage again)

(file footage again)

followed by some leftover cold pizza that John made on the weekend

(first actual picture of the day.  Looks appetizing doesn't it ;)

(first actual picture of the day. Looks appetizing doesn’t it 😉

Seeing as this WIAW involves fitness as well as food I will include my workout.  Around lunch time I headed to the gym to hit up the treadmill for a 10km run.  I just have to mention again how awesome the ipad mini is and how amazing Netflix is.  It made the run fly by!  But I really can’t wait to get outside running again.

By the time I got back to the office I was more than ready for…

Lunchphoto 2It sorta fell apart but in the wrap is leftover salmon from Monday nights dinner along with some cheese, veggies and mustard.  On the side were some veggies, hummus, and some Food Should Taste Good Chips (love ’em).

That kept me going for most of the afternoon aside from half a granola bar that I had but didn’t really like, hence only eating half.  It was a Fibre One bar I found in the office kitchen but it tasted kind of chemically and artificial.

After a packed train ride home and a really busy work day I was able to get a little creative in the kitchen and whipped up a chicken Masala from a recipe I had found in my Quinoa Revolution Cookbook —> highly recommend this book for nutritious and quick dinners.

Dinnerphoto 3In the bowl is the Chicken Masala with Quinoa underneath and a side salad.

hmmmm wasn’t fun part of this WIAW button?  hmmmmmmmmm does taking down the Christmas tree count?  No, I didn’t think so either but it had to get done.  Bye bye treephoto 4

I am writing this Tuesday night but I am thinking that the night will end with a little TV/Tea/Snacking time.

photo 5

Have a great Wednesday!


1) Have you ever tried Quinoa?  Do you like it?  I have to say I LOVE it!

2) When do you take down your Christmas tree?

3) How do you usually end your nights?


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