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MIMM 3/03/2014

OOOOOOO it’s the third day of the third month! ¬†To think that if I was actually on the ball and got this post (I just wrote pot haha… small things amuse small minds) up earlier I wouldn’t have noticed that ūüėÄ ¬†There’s method to the madness.

How was everyone’s weekend? ¬†Get up to anything much? ¬†Mine was okay for not being able to get outside much. ¬†Got some errands run on Saturday morning, met up with friends Saturday afternoon, and then headed to my parents for dinner Saturday night. ¬†On Sunday I managed to hit the gym for some running, biking, and 8 minute abs. ¬†This was followed by some cleaning, dinner prep (slow cooker chicken and barley stew) which was so fast thanks to Iowa Girl Eats, and making some mall returns.

So I thought it would be fun to participate in MIMM by finding marvellous solutions to problems.  Thanks to Katie, as always, for hosting this link up!



Problem….photo 1

Saturday’s ridiculous temperature waking up

Marvellous solution…

photo 2

It kind of looks like my breakfast can fly… or at least hover.

Problem ..



Had some hangry moments

Marvellous solution…photo-1

Just a breakfast larger than my plate


photo 4

Sunday’s temperature… yes ambient temperature is better but windchill worse ūüė¶

Marvellous solution…photo 3

Hot tea in my new mug from Market Collective!

Yup… I solved all of my problems with food ūüėÄ and I think that is just marvellous!

One of my last thoughts of the day



1) did you have any problems that you solved this weekend?

2) What was the best thing you did this weekend?



WIAW and Thinking Out Loud Combo 13/02/2014

Well hello there! ¬†And hello Thursday ūüėÄ ¬†I have had a pretty busy work day on Wednesday i.e. it is currently 7:45 pm and I am still working (at home). ¬†Le sigh….. ¬†So how is your week going? ¬†I personally am shocked that we are one day from Friday WHOOP! ¬†Does anyone have any plans for Valentines Day? ¬†I will address our plans in todays combo of…


Thank you to both Jenn and Amanda for hosting these fantastic link ups! ¬†I am going to try and combine these two fantastic days into one post!Okay well here is my first random thought… 1) Why is wordpress centring all my text? ¬†Frustrating…..2) I am so proud of how Canada is doing in the Olympics! ¬†We are putting up a really good showing for these games ūüėÄ ¬†I can’t wait to watch some more events!Now how about some eats from Tuesday!Breakfast!¬†photo 1-2 photo 3Overnight oats with PB, black berries, and strawberries. ¬†All topped off with some milk and a hot coffee on the side. ¬†Perfect start to the day!Snackphoto 4A really good apple! ¬†I also had another cup of coffee. ¬†And then the saddest part of the day happened…photo 2-1the last sip of coffee ūüė¶Thinking out loud 3) I really like milk in my coffee but not cream because I don’t like the taste. ¬†People always look at me funny if I say they offer a coffee and if they only have cream and no milk that I will take it black. ¬†And then I always feel judged….Thought 4) I am pretty sure I also ate a banana in there as well. ¬†Until a couple of years ago I used to HATE bananas, as in they made me gag. ¬†Now I eat at least one a day, but only if they are ripe and getting little brown spots on the peelLunchphoto 5Not very exciting, but in the wrap was tuna, cheese, some veggies, and mustard. ¬†I always heat them up so that the cheese gets melty. ¬†On the side were some veggies, Food Should Taste Good chips, and hummus. ¬†Thought 5) I love salads but I can’t even try to think about having one for lunch these days. ¬†It’s just too cold for me to crave cold food. ¬†I even have to warm up sandwiches for the to seem appealing.Thought 6) Even thought it’s been -26oC every morning this week John and I have biked in. ¬†I can’t even describe how much better it is than paying $12 each per day and cramming onto the train. ¬†Plus it gets the blood pumping in the morning.Afternoon Snackphoto 1-3A triple chocolate chunks ahoy cookie (or two ;)) and a cold glass of grapefruit juice mixed with soda water. ¬†Perfect for an afternoon pick me up! ¬†I am pretty sure I snacked on a few more chips as well.Thought 7) How do early birds catch the worms in the morning on freezing winter mornings when the ground is frozen? ¬†It is this thought that makes me think we should all get up as late as possible in the winter. ¬†Because the early bird starves to death in the cold.Thought 8) My blog celebrated it’s first birthday last weekend. ¬†I am so happy that I have been consistent with it. ¬†It’s been so much fun and I have met so many neat people ūüėÄ ¬†It really is a bright spot of my day to sit down and blog.


photo 2-2Dinner was an awesome chicken burger on a whole wheat bun.  On the side was a sweet potato with salsa and greek yogurt. I also had a big side salad for some greens.

Thought 9) I love ending my nights with tea.  I think I have tried all of Davids Tea desert teas!

Thought 10) John is now showing off his karate skills… makes me laugh. ¬†Love him!

Bedtime snackphoto 2A home made granola bar!

Well that 10 thoughts and my eats! ¬†I hope you have a great week day ūüėÄ


1) Tell me one random fact about yourself.

2) Do you have a favourite olympic event?




Hey hey hey!  How the heck are ya this fine Thursday?  I hope everyone had a good night sleep and is ready for a new day!  I thought I would keep my participation up inThinking-Out-Loud

Thanks Amanda for hosting! ¬†If you haven’t checked out her wonderful blog please do!

1) My photo taking is very minimal at the best of times but bring on a cold and being super busy and all my photo taking goes straight out the window. ¬†I can’t even take any pictures of things I like outside because if I take off my crazy thick gloves my hands freeze in a second.

2) The above makes me think it’s time for a photo an hour post. ¬†Let’s see if I can make that happen for Friday shall we?

3) I am all of a sudden really looking forward to this weekend.  My mom just text me to tell me my brother is coming home for a few days and she wants to have us all over for dinner on Sunday.  I LOVE family dinners!

4) I have taken two consecutive rest days while I’ve been sick. ¬†To say I haven’t felt a little guilty would be a lie. ¬†I hate that feeling, there should be no guilt GAH!

5) As I am writing this (Wednesday night) I am thinking about  trying to get in a solid 10 hour sleep.  I think my body is craving it and I will feel so much better in morning if I do.

6) John made a spicy Indian Curry dish for dinner tonight and it was so good! ¬†He made it using a Sharwood’s sauce but added his own veggies and meat to it. ¬†The ingredients list looks pretty good and it tastes really fresh! ¬†I think I might have to stock up on some more jars and try some of their other sauces.

7) We are going to try and see the Lone Survivor on Friday night.  Has anyone seen it yet?  I have read the book and thought it was one of the best books I have read in a long time.  It really gave the soldiers perspective on the war in Afganistan.

8) I still really need to go shopping. ¬†I managed to get a little in last weekend with a friend but only came away with two pairs of socks…but they are pretty awesome if you ask me ūüėČ

9) I am getting the craving to bake.  I might have to bust out a recipe this weekend or even tomorrow night.

10) I have been pinning a ton of meal ideas to my Pinterest board but it never seems to fail that when I go to meal plan I can never figure out what I want to make.  Please tell me this happens to other people too.

Well there are my 10 thoughts for Thursday. ¬†It really is amazing how many are floating around up there. ¬†I hope everyone has an amazing day that really makes you appreciate how special life is. ¬†Don’t waste a minute of this day!


1) What is something that you are looking forward to or something that made you really happy today?

2) Do you ever use pre-made sauces for pastas or curries?

MIMM 03/02/2014

OOOOO February, the month of the L-O-V-E feeling! ¬†I hope that you had a great weekend! ¬†Mine was okay… aside from my serious case of the winter blahs. ¬†Yes, this whole weekend I have been a major grump. ¬†It started on Saturday and persisted into Sunday and hopefully I wake up feeling better in the morning. ¬†I am just so tired of the cold, the dark, the cold… ya, you get the idea. ¬†No amount of chocolate was going to make this grumpy McGrumperson feel any better. ¬†I just miss getting out for walks, not bundling up, being chilled to the bone, ¬†and feeling like I’m constantly in the dark. ¬†However I still feel like marvellous things happened this weekend so please enjoy an Oscar the Grouch instalment of…


Thank you Katie for hosting!

Marvellous was… Having a night in with the house to myself! ¬†Don’t get me wrong, I love it when John and I are home on Friday nights or out with friends but sometimes just curling up with a book, fire, and a glass of wine is just fine by me!photo 1Marvellous was… Finishing the first book of the Hunger Games series. ¬†If you haven’t read it please do! ¬†I am now starting The Son, by Philipp Meyer, so I am looking forward to really getting into it.

Marvellous was… Stumbling onto Robyn’s blog. ¬†She makes some awesome points that really debunk all of these fad diets you see popping up. ¬†Too bad people like her don’t get nearly as much press as the stupid tabloids. ¬†Speaking of fads, can anyone tell me what’s up with this Walden’s farm chemical syrup I see popping up on all these healthy/whole living blogs!? ¬†What a strange chemical bomb! ¬†Just looking at their website make me gag. ¬†Seriously though, what is so bad about melting REAL chocolate and drizzling it on REAL ice cream? ¬†Sigh…

moving on,

Marvellous was…¬†Getting this fun little gadget from my parentsphoto 2We have been needing a meat carving fork for so long! ¬†And it really came in handy Sunday night when I needed to carve up the pot roast!

Coffee-Braised Pot Roast Was Marvellous!!!¬†I have never made a pot roast, let alone roasted meat in a slow cooker. ¬†I followed this recipe and it turned out great!! ¬†The only adjustment I made was to add a little ketchup (1tbs) to the gravy after I added the corn starch. ¬†Served along side were some roasted root veggies and a side salad with a piece of bread to mop up the extra gravy. ¬†I can’t wait for the sandwiches the left over meat is going to make this week! ¬†Yes that is a wine stem creeping into the photo!

photo 4

And how can I forget my first Marvellous Mug Cake!?photo 3

Dear Amanda, your recipes are FANTASTIC!  I want to try making it with mashed banana one day to see if it gets a more brownie like texture.  Although, I did like the light sponge that the original recipe produced!

Well, looking back the weekend wasn’t as bad as my brain was making it out to be. ¬†Have a great Monday everyone!

1) What cheers you up when you are feeling down?

2) What is your ideal Friday night?

Thinking Out Loud Thursday 16/01/2014


“You either run from things, or you face them, Mr. White”

That opening was for my awesome friend but I G rated haha.  She is full of good ideas.  Turns out we are both really into breaking bad, so so good!

Well time to join up with the…


Party!  Thanks for hosting Amanda!


1) I can’t believe I got another late fine on my library card. ¬†I think I might be a lost cause in getting books back to the library in time. ¬†Did I mention I love my ipad? ¬†I can’t wait to start using it as my book ūüėÄ

2) Work has been really really busy this week and I am going to use that as my excuse for lack of pictures in the post. ¬†And by lack I mean none. ¬†I actually feel really bad about this because having pictures of my day to look back on make me happy…. even if they usually only involve food, but then again food makes me happy

3) I hate ice in the winter more than anything. ¬†Yes more than working late on a Friday or going to the dentist to get a tooth filled. ¬†It makes me so nervous walking around on the sidewalks these days. ¬†I know I am going to get a face full of cement in my future. ¬†Why the ice? ¬†Well it warmed up significantly over the last couple of days, I mean we are talking positive double digit highs. ¬†This is creating a big melt–> freeze–> angry Christine face. ¬†I complain about the cold and know I am complaining about the warmth haha sorry ūüôā

4) I went for Fro Yo with a friend last night and it was amazing.  Well actually I am writing this post before heading out for it, but I have to doubt it will be amazing.  I am trying to figure out my flavour combination as I write this.

5) While I am writing this I am making an omelette for dinner and I have to share that I think I just mastered the omelette flip WHAHOOO

6) I think I have become addicted to running again, but I am okay with this.  I love how it gives me time to clear my mind and lets me refocus.  It is especially enjoyable when you get to run outside like I did at lunch time on Wednesday.  Aside from the ice it was a very pleasant run.

7) John and I are currently planning a date night for Friday and are currently trying to think of a restaurant to try. ¬†Keep an eye out for another review coming your way ūüôā ¬†I can’t even remember the last time the two of us went out together.

8) I have been wanting to bake all week but always seem to loose interest at the end of the day.  Hopefully this weekend I will finally get a chance to make these which I have been drooling over at Running with spoons.


9) I am currently loving the TV series breaking bad.  John and I have been watching an episode every night this week (contributing to my baking lazies?) and marvel at how ingenious the writers are.  I want to be a chemist now haha

10) I am finally¬†getting my hair cut tomorrow and am having a dilemma… do I go short on stay long? ¬†decisions decisions…I guess we’ll see over the weekend ūüėČ


1) tell me a thought that has been rolling around in your head! ¬†(yes I know it’s not a question)

It’s a White Cold world, A Change of Routine, and Poor Birdies!

Well hello there and happy Thursday to you! ¬†How is everyone today? ¬†Things are good on this side although still so so COLD! ¬†Guys this winter blast is all up in our faces like a dirty shirt ( I don’t know if that makes sense but let’s just go with it). ¬†We’re talking -20’s for the highs for the past few days and that doesn’t even count the windchill plus people were getting stuck in their homes because of snow drifts! ¬†I don’t kid as seen in the photo below!


We aren’t supposed to see warmer temperatures until next week, and by warmer I mean -6 to -15.

I have been really really missing riding my bike to work. ¬†I know that I can’t really complain about my commute, as I only need to take one train or one bus, but there is something so nice about leaving home or work and having a nice ride outside with the sun rising/setting. ¬†Getting crammed into a train or bus just makes me a little grumpier. ¬†I mean really people must we always stand in the middle of the door so they can’t close. ¬†And yes that means you Mr. oblivious that was on my train Tuesday night! ¬†RARRRRR. ¬†Okay, I guess I am a little more grumpy about it than I thought. ¬†Compared to the time some people are spending getting to work these days I really shouldn’t be grumbly but I am, so there.

Even thought it’s been pretty cold the last few days, I haven’t let it stop me from being active! ¬†A NTC workout Monday, a 10Km treadmill run Tuesday, and another NTC workout Wednesday. ¬†Since we have moved I have had to change up my gym/run schedule as I am not brave enough to ride down the dark paths by the river so early in the morning. ¬†I think I have may have watched a little too many murder mysteries, and by many I mean one haha. ¬†Oh well, lunchtime and afterwork will have to suffice until Spring rolls around again. ¬†I really do miss getting my morning outside runs in though, but I am learning to keep myself amused on the treadmill.

photo 1

WOW blurry!  But I think I was watching Chopped on the Food Network.

I can’t figure out how the poor little animals survive in these fridged temperatures! ¬†I am so glad I put out my bird feeder, my mum bought me, on the weekend. ¬†In a matter of one day (yes it was still full yesterday) it had gone from this…

birds¬† To this…

photo 4

Needless to say I had to fill it up tonight for them.  Poor little guys.

Well that’s all from me today!

And in the spirit of Thankful Thursday, I count my blessings everyday that I have a warm, dry, and safe place to live with plentiful food to eat. ¬†It’s wintery cold days like these that really make you think about how lucky you are!


1) If you run on the treadmill, how do you keep yourself entertained?

2) Do you ever have to switch up you workout routine

3) What are you thankful for today?

Snow, Baking, and Neighbours Oh My

If the is posted in the morning than our power hasn’t gone off, we haven’t froze to death, and weren’t buried in a snow drift! ¬†Father winter has blown in with force these last couple of days and isn’t supposed to leave us until the weekend. ¬†I really hope that the mountains are getting this snow too!

So when we woke up yesterday morning we really had only three options to get to work; take the bus, take the train, or take Car2Go. ¬†We chose Car2Go! ¬†Car2Go is a great car share system in our city. ¬†Once you have a membership you can drive the cars anywhere you like, but you must park them in a home zone. ¬†To find a car near you just use the Car2Go app or you can find one to reserve for a half hour. ¬†The cost is $.35/min and you have free parking in the downtown core. ¬†So this morning John and I carpooled into the city for a total of $3.50 which is about half of the cost of transit. ¬†You can find out more about the system here. ¬†Oh and I forgot to mention that they are little white and blue smart cars… so cute!

Well after work and eating a great dinner made by John (Portobello mushroom burgers) I got a little fidgety so decided to get my baking face on and this happened.

photo 2

A batch of chocolate chip cookies and granola bars.  You can find my granola bar recipe here and my chocolate chip cookie recipe here.

After I had just finished taking the last batch of cookies out of the oven our new neighbour dropped by with a welcome gift!photo 1

On the left if Organic Vanilla Infused Raw Cane Sugar and on the right is Organic Vanilla Infused Honey (I think we will be friends :)). ¬†The are made by Honey and Vanilla. ¬†Please go and check out their web page it’s a healthy foodies dream!

Oh and thank you NTC for another but kicking workout!


1) What do you like to do on snowy winter nights?

2) Have you ever driven a smart car?

3) Do you ever look at a web page and immediately get taken in?

4) What mix ins would you add to granola bars?


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