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WIAW 05/03/2014 Bruno You Almost Killed Me

Well Wednesday is officially winding down.  I hope the fist half of the week has been enjoyable for everyone.  Mine has been busy and cold… so nothing really new there.  Since it is Wednesday and I have a phone full of food photos I may as well join in on the fun going on over at Peas and Crayons and contribute to WIAW.  This will be my second week of a wheat free WIAW and that means I have also made it over a week without wheat and you know what?  I don’t even miss it!!


Thanks so much Jenn for hosting 🙂

Breakfast: Before hopping on the bike to head into work I devoured half of a perfectly ripe grapefruit.  For some reason I usually only have them hanging around on weekends, I think that this will have to 1

Once I peddled my little legs to work I checked emails did some work and then dived into coffee and overnight oats with apple and PB on top.  That mug is my new favourite 🙂

photo 2

After my usual work through the morning I broke for snack one of a banana, not pictured but I am sure you know what the look like 😉

Real Snack 1 I was getting pretty hungry and had a lunchtime workout planned so I put together a yogurt/ricotta bowl with blueberries, strawberries, and granola.  I also had a hot cup of tea.  I am pretty sure I munched my way through a couple of Merry’s crackers and some almonds as 3

My workout consisted of 20min on the treadmill all while trying in vain to get my netfix to work.  Unfortunately the internet just didn’t want to cooperate.  After my warm up I completed the 30min Be Explosive NTC  workout.  It kicked my butt and my arms felt slightly broken.

By the time I got back to work I was getting Hangry.

Lunch: A massive salad filled with nuts, cheese, humus, and avocado.  It actually filled me up for about a minute before I went back for some more crackers and humus.

photo 4

Work, work, work,..

Snack 2 Apple, more crackers and humus (they are too good), and a couple jube jubes.  I know you know what an apple looks like but here it is anyway 🙂

photo 5

I left work and met John so that we could peddle home together into the sunset…. ya, movie material right there.

By the time we got home I was ready to eat anything that got in my way.

Dinner: A stir fry filled with veggies and shrimp over rice noodles.  I already know that I will be snacking tonight and may have already had a rice cake topped with PB.


After dinner I quickly headed to the library to pick up The Wheat Belly Cookbook.  I am exited to see what it has in store.  On the way home Bruno Mars came on the radio and I almost drove off the road in my panic to change the station.  Bruno, you almost killed me!

Have a great night everyone and I hope the rest of the week is a good one!


1) Is there any music artist you can’t stand?

2) Do you have a favourite plate/bowl/mug etc?



MIMM 03/02/2014

OOOOO February, the month of the L-O-V-E feeling!  I hope that you had a great weekend!  Mine was okay… aside from my serious case of the winter blahs.  Yes, this whole weekend I have been a major grump.  It started on Saturday and persisted into Sunday and hopefully I wake up feeling better in the morning.  I am just so tired of the cold, the dark, the cold… ya, you get the idea.  No amount of chocolate was going to make this grumpy McGrumperson feel any better.  I just miss getting out for walks, not bundling up, being chilled to the bone,  and feeling like I’m constantly in the dark.  However I still feel like marvellous things happened this weekend so please enjoy an Oscar the Grouch instalment of…


Thank you Katie for hosting!

Marvellous was… Having a night in with the house to myself!  Don’t get me wrong, I love it when John and I are home on Friday nights or out with friends but sometimes just curling up with a book, fire, and a glass of wine is just fine by me!photo 1Marvellous was… Finishing the first book of the Hunger Games series.  If you haven’t read it please do!  I am now starting The Son, by Philipp Meyer, so I am looking forward to really getting into it.

Marvellous was… Stumbling onto Robyn’s blog.  She makes some awesome points that really debunk all of these fad diets you see popping up.  Too bad people like her don’t get nearly as much press as the stupid tabloids.  Speaking of fads, can anyone tell me what’s up with this Walden’s farm chemical syrup I see popping up on all these healthy/whole living blogs!?  What a strange chemical bomb!  Just looking at their website make me gag.  Seriously though, what is so bad about melting REAL chocolate and drizzling it on REAL ice cream?  Sigh…

moving on,

Marvellous was… Getting this fun little gadget from my parentsphoto 2We have been needing a meat carving fork for so long!  And it really came in handy Sunday night when I needed to carve up the pot roast!

Coffee-Braised Pot Roast Was Marvellous!!! I have never made a pot roast, let alone roasted meat in a slow cooker.  I followed this recipe and it turned out great!!  The only adjustment I made was to add a little ketchup (1tbs) to the gravy after I added the corn starch.  Served along side were some roasted root veggies and a side salad with a piece of bread to mop up the extra gravy.  I can’t wait for the sandwiches the left over meat is going to make this week!  Yes that is a wine stem creeping into the photo!

photo 4

And how can I forget my first Marvellous Mug Cake!?photo 3

Dear Amanda, your recipes are FANTASTIC!  I want to try making it with mashed banana one day to see if it gets a more brownie like texture.  Although, I did like the light sponge that the original recipe produced!

Well, looking back the weekend wasn’t as bad as my brain was making it out to be.  Have a great Monday everyone!

1) What cheers you up when you are feeling down?

2) What is your ideal Friday night?

Thinking Out Loud 29/01/2014

Hi there!  How are you doing today?  What’s new and exciting today?  I feel like I just wrote a Thinking Out Loud post, but here we go again.  As always, thank you to Amanda for hosting and to everyone that participates!


  • I feel like these past few day I have had trouble fitting in everything I want to do in my free time.  This includes blogging, shopping, reading, cleaning, friends… how has everything gotten so busy!?  Hopefully I can start catching up on things this weekend or find someone/invent a cloning machine.
  • I am starting to get the itch to travel… the question is
  • Is it odd that the only thing keeping me from changing gyms is that I need WIFI now?
  • Speaking of the gym, I was able to get in my first run in forever this afternoon with no pain!  Interesting since I felt it a little after Body Attack Tuesday night Fingers crossed that things are slowly healing.
  • I am thinking that if everything is feeling good for the next couple of weeks I will sign up again for the Calgary Half Marathon in May.  I ran it last year with John and LOVED it!  Now to get a better time (under 1:55).
  • I got an email from the Bay to Breakers run, in San Francisco that we signed up for, today.  This is making me really excited and we will be running it over my birthday weekend!  Is anyone else going to be running this?  It looks like a blast.
  • I am so hooked on the Hunger Games series now.  The first book is great so far and even though I have seen the movie, the book is definitely keeping me reading.
  • Our insurance company has been taking an extra payment from us since August.  They will be paying us back but this will keep me on top of my finances from now on!
  • I had to take the train home after work today due to snow… I MISSED MY BIKE RIDE!!  And I feel sad for my bike left in a parking garage overnight… poor thing 😦Bike-to-Work_0
  • I am really excited about going to the hockey game tonight!

Well have a great Thursday and let me know what some of your random thoughts are!

Looking Forward

Well if the rest of the week continues like Monday did than the weekend will be here before we know it!  Time sure goes when you are busy with copious deadlines!  Keeping them all straight is starting to get difficult.  How was your Monday?  I hope your week is off to a great start.  As I am writing this I am listening to a song that makes me want to cut my ears off!  Valentine or Valentines day something… worse than nails on a chalk board!  And it turns out it was David Bowie….. interesting.

Well I thought it would be fun to write about what my non-work week is going to look like so far.


Made this for dinner!

photo 2

Rather than chicken, I added shrimp.  Anyone else out there love Iowa Girl Eats?

Pick up some groceries and hit up MEC for some bike gear.  I am jealous of the States for having so many things we don’t have and would trade some of our stores for theirs, but NOT MEC!  That store takes a lot of this outdoorsy girls money.

Eat a snack and watch Breaking Bad followed by reading (the Hunger Games) and bed!


I kind of want to hit up a body attack class but that would mean me signing up at Goodlife.  It might happen…. If not, I do need to get to a mall to buy some clothes.  It is actually becoming a NEED rather than a want :S I also need to start organizing some of our legal/tax documents and appliance manuals

Eat a snack and watch Breaking Bad followed by some reading and bed (this becomes a theme)


Hit up a yoga class if my leg/IT/Hip flexor feels like it’s up to it.  If not I either want to finish the Hunger Games (AHHHHH SO SO GOOD) or catch up with a friend.


FLAMES GAME!!!!!!  I was given a couple of tickets to the game on Thursday night against the Sharks.  Should be a really fun night!


I hope to have a massage booked.  If not I will plan something with friends!

Saturday and Sunday

The days are pretty open so far.  I know I want to make a slow cooker pot roast plus run some errands and I know there is talk of seeing a movie.


1) Is there a particular song you can’t stand?

2) What are you most looking forward to this week?


Happy Wednesday everyone!  So I was wondering if you only have a 4 day work week, when does hump day fall?  So as I mentioned last week, I wanted to post my eats from a weekend day for my WIAW this week.  So below are my eats from Sunday!  Thanks to Jenn for hosting!

Enjoy…wiaw fall into good habits button



1 egg and 2 egg white scramble, half a giant apple, a slice of toast with peanut butter and banana, some yogurt with fruit and cereal, a grapefruit (didn’t have room for it), and my coffee on the side.  Maybe a little excessive haha

A very light bike ride and read session



image_3 image_2 image_5 image_4

Lunch came in various phases, carrots (why is my hand the same colour?), a salmon salad wrap with avocado, tomato, spinach, mustard and goat cheese, and of course some salsa on the side.  I also rummaged around the fridge and found some left over salad that I drizzled with balsamic vinegar.


image_8A cup of movie night tea from David’s Tea, and a sliced apple with peanut butter


image_9 image_10

And now we come to the amazing part of the day for eats!  John cooked up a beer can chicken that was SO moist and delicious.  He also made the most amazing rice salad and grilled pepper.  Where did this boy come from 😉 ?

Well that concludes my day of eats!  I hope yours were just as tasty!


1) what is your favorite way to eat chicken?  I think mine is roasted or in burger form.

2) Do you ever go to the gym to read? I find it really makes a work out fly by PLUS I get my reading done

3) What is your favorite weekend meal?  I am torn between dinner and breakfast!  But really I love them all


My Weekend in Mostly Words

Well good Sunday evening to everyone!  I hope everyone has had/having a good weekend!  I know I’ve been quite enjoying it and really like knowing that I have tomorrow off too!

So what’s been up this weekend…


Started the morning off with a warm breakfast seen in yesterdays post followed by the gym for a 10km treadmill run and some foam rolling

foam rollFeels so bad yet so so good!

After that I headed home and heated up the last of our split pea soup that I had frozen outside, yup it’s been that cold.  It made a good lunch for two!  The afternoon turned really warm and we decided to take a walk down to Kensington, a really cute neighbourhood, to grab a coffee and poke around some stores.  We got back home with a few hours to lounge around and read until it was time to get ready to head out to a DRI fundraiser dinner John and I were attending with my parents.


The DRI stands for the Dinosaur Research Institute.  Most of the money raised is given to master and Phd students as grants to fund their research.  You can find out more about them here!  I hadn’t been to this event for a few years so it was really fun to go back and as a bonous dinner is ALWAYS amazing!  On the menu last night was a Butternut Squash soup with a crusty roll, a Tenderloin steak about an 11/2″ thick served on mashed potatoes with a red wine glaze and some asparagus and baby carrots, and finally creme brule and Saskatoon reduction for dessert.  OMG I tried my hardest to eat every last bite but sadly I just couldn’t get through dessert 😦 1/4 ended up going to John.  Alongside this lovely meal were a few glasses of red wine.  Let’s just say I was one happy girl 🙂  I failed at pictures, it just wasn’t the time or place for taking pictures of ones food.  During and after dinner there were some talks by some students and Dr. Phil Currie…. Basically a hero among the Dino world!  I mean the man has his own Wikipedia site!  Okay enough Dino talk 😉


Well we woke up to a freezing cold morning and snow (I kinda love these mornings).  Breakfast was eggs, toast, and yogurt which I would post a picture of but I am going to use todays eats for my WIAW.  Anywho… after breakfast I was feeling a little house bound and antsy.  I decided to head to the gym to sit on a bike and read.  I was going to use this as an off day but decided a light workout would be fine since I really did already have an off day this week.  In the end I did a 40min bike ride while reading WILD.  Again sorry for picture quality, evidently I had the shakes?  And no I wasn’t taking a pic of the bum in front of me :

bikeHas anyone else read WILD by Cheryl Strayed?  I highly recommend it!  It is based on a true story and has really kept me enthralled!  After a quick gym shower and change I headed to the market to pick up a ridiculous amount of fruit and veg for the week.  While there I think I sampled about 4 types of apples, 2 oranges, and some pears plus picked up a massive bag of over ripe bananas for $3 SCORE!  Stay tuned for smoothy/baking recipes!

A quick lunch and I was off again to see my mum at the art gallery that she works/shows/sells her own works of art.  They were having a show for another artist and the place was PACKED.  It felt so good to be there and support her as she did for my brother and I were younger and she came to every hockey game and riding lesson.

A short cold walk and more reading ensued which basically brings up to this minute.  And I can’t wait for the dinner John is whipping up (you’ll have to wait for Wednesday’s post!) and curling up on a cold night to watch our traditional Sunday night Walking Dead.

Have a great evening!



1) Are you currently reading a good book?  If so which one?

2) Do you like to foam roll?

3) What was the best thing you did this weekend?


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