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I’m scared to go to the bathroom

So I feel all sorts of thrown off blogging today since I wrote my post yesterday at the end of the day.  I feel like I talked about most of the fun things that happened over the weekend and Monday and now I am all out of ideas haha.  Oh and I realized I completely forgot my questions in my MIMM post, oopsies.

So how are ya?  How did the week start for you?  Mine started off with a great bike ride into work in -26oC.  Call us crazy, but we were both so done with taking the train.  I swear that’s how I am getting all my illnesses.  It really wasn’t all that bad if you dressed for it.  I think the only part exposed on me was my nose.  I could’t believe how hot I was by the time we got to work.  My coworker sent me a link to an interview that a bike company is doing about winter bike riders, on my way to work…. there maybe free breakfast involved SCORE.

Work went pretty smoothly, and I think I have finished a lot of my bigger projects (for now) which is nice.  Our bathrooms at the office are in such bad need of maintenance.  The toilets are starting to sound like they are about to attack you when they flush.  There must be some problems with the pipes because the sound the make is just awful.  I can actually hear them flush in my office.  The sad part is that the bathrooms were just re-done and the toilets are brand new!

Well after a chilly bike ride home we scarfed down an omelette dinner (there sure are a lot of e’s in omelette) and headed back out the door to do some damage grocery shopping.  $260 later and we should be good to go for the week 😀  After spending that kind of money we consoled ourselves with a little walking dead before calling it a night.

Have a great Tuesday!


1) Do you like to do grocery shopping on the weekend or during the week?

2) How much do you spend on groceries?

3) Do you watch the walking dead?

Just because I thought this photo is too funny


John discovers reclining chair

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  1. Haha, love the last picture 😉 I love grocery shopping but I hate spending the money that goes along with it! Boooooo.

  2. I have to go grocery shopping by myself-if I sent my husband alone, he’d come home with like 5 things and blow the budget on them, and then we wouldn’t have anything for the other 6 days of the week. If he comes with me, then we get too much stuff and he drives me crazy stopping to look at everything. I try to make sure I always have his favorites on hand, but he just isn’t allowed in the grocery store!

  3. Ha Ha Ha, I love the random “There are alot of E’s in Omelette” sentence. I literally started laughing out loud. Good thing no ones around or they of looked at me like I was nuts. LOL


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