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Hey hey hey!  How the heck are ya this fine Thursday?  I hope everyone had a good night sleep and is ready for a new day!  I thought I would keep my participation up inThinking-Out-Loud

Thanks Amanda for hosting!  If you haven’t checked out her wonderful blog please do!

1) My photo taking is very minimal at the best of times but bring on a cold and being super busy and all my photo taking goes straight out the window.  I can’t even take any pictures of things I like outside because if I take off my crazy thick gloves my hands freeze in a second.

2) The above makes me think it’s time for a photo an hour post.  Let’s see if I can make that happen for Friday shall we?

3) I am all of a sudden really looking forward to this weekend.  My mom just text me to tell me my brother is coming home for a few days and she wants to have us all over for dinner on Sunday.  I LOVE family dinners!

4) I have taken two consecutive rest days while I’ve been sick.  To say I haven’t felt a little guilty would be a lie.  I hate that feeling, there should be no guilt GAH!

5) As I am writing this (Wednesday night) I am thinking about  trying to get in a solid 10 hour sleep.  I think my body is craving it and I will feel so much better in morning if I do.

6) John made a spicy Indian Curry dish for dinner tonight and it was so good!  He made it using a Sharwood’s sauce but added his own veggies and meat to it.  The ingredients list looks pretty good and it tastes really fresh!  I think I might have to stock up on some more jars and try some of their other sauces.

7) We are going to try and see the Lone Survivor on Friday night.  Has anyone seen it yet?  I have read the book and thought it was one of the best books I have read in a long time.  It really gave the soldiers perspective on the war in Afganistan.

8) I still really need to go shopping.  I managed to get a little in last weekend with a friend but only came away with two pairs of socks…but they are pretty awesome if you ask me 😉

9) I am getting the craving to bake.  I might have to bust out a recipe this weekend or even tomorrow night.

10) I have been pinning a ton of meal ideas to my Pinterest board but it never seems to fail that when I go to meal plan I can never figure out what I want to make.  Please tell me this happens to other people too.

Well there are my 10 thoughts for Thursday.  It really is amazing how many are floating around up there.  I hope everyone has an amazing day that really makes you appreciate how special life is.  Don’t waste a minute of this day!


1) What is something that you are looking forward to or something that made you really happy today?

2) Do you ever use pre-made sauces for pastas or curries?

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  1. I use pre-made tomato sauce because it’s just that much easier. I’m not a cook but love to bake. I’m itching to bake too. Maybe I’ll make myself something for Valentine’s Day!

  2. I want to bake so, so badly! That’s probably due to the fact that I watch Cake Boss way too often 😉 Ha!

  3. I -live- for family dinners. I feel so blessed to be a 20 minute drive away from my parents so that I can see them on the weekends… especially because it means I can mooch food from my mom and have leftovers for a good chunk of the week 😉 And something that made me happy today? Double chocolate chip muffins. Anything chocolate is insta-smiles 😀

  4. I could use ten hours of consecutive sleep, too! Who doesn’t love to bake? Feel free to check out my blog and some of my baking adventures, if you’d like:

  5. You can’t risk freezing and catching pnuemonia just for a photo. That said, a photo an hour post sounds like a great idea :p! Family dinners rock – Mum’s cooking is just sooo good!. And dang I wish I had it in me to sleep 10 hours straight..I know my body would appreciate it..but my over-active brain doesn’t let it happen.
    This mornings breakfast made me all sorts of happy 🙂

    • hahaha that’s what I was thinking! To bad the photo an hour didn’t work last week, maybe this week it will be more successful! I love family dinners too, its so great to just eat good food and catch up. Breakfast usually has a way of doing that eh?


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