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MIMM 03/02/2014

OOOOO February, the month of the L-O-V-E feeling!  I hope that you had a great weekend!  Mine was okay… aside from my serious case of the winter blahs.  Yes, this whole weekend I have been a major grump.  It started on Saturday and persisted into Sunday and hopefully I wake up feeling better in the morning.  I am just so tired of the cold, the dark, the cold… ya, you get the idea.  No amount of chocolate was going to make this grumpy McGrumperson feel any better.  I just miss getting out for walks, not bundling up, being chilled to the bone,  and feeling like I’m constantly in the dark.  However I still feel like marvellous things happened this weekend so please enjoy an Oscar the Grouch instalment of…


Thank you Katie for hosting!

Marvellous was… Having a night in with the house to myself!  Don’t get me wrong, I love it when John and I are home on Friday nights or out with friends but sometimes just curling up with a book, fire, and a glass of wine is just fine by me!photo 1Marvellous was… Finishing the first book of the Hunger Games series.  If you haven’t read it please do!  I am now starting The Son, by Philipp Meyer, so I am looking forward to really getting into it.

Marvellous was… Stumbling onto Robyn’s blog.  She makes some awesome points that really debunk all of these fad diets you see popping up.  Too bad people like her don’t get nearly as much press as the stupid tabloids.  Speaking of fads, can anyone tell me what’s up with this Walden’s farm chemical syrup I see popping up on all these healthy/whole living blogs!?  What a strange chemical bomb!  Just looking at their website make me gag.  Seriously though, what is so bad about melting REAL chocolate and drizzling it on REAL ice cream?  Sigh…

moving on,

Marvellous was… Getting this fun little gadget from my parentsphoto 2We have been needing a meat carving fork for so long!  And it really came in handy Sunday night when I needed to carve up the pot roast!

Coffee-Braised Pot Roast Was Marvellous!!! I have never made a pot roast, let alone roasted meat in a slow cooker.  I followed this recipe and it turned out great!!  The only adjustment I made was to add a little ketchup (1tbs) to the gravy after I added the corn starch.  Served along side were some roasted root veggies and a side salad with a piece of bread to mop up the extra gravy.  I can’t wait for the sandwiches the left over meat is going to make this week!  Yes that is a wine stem creeping into the photo!

photo 4

And how can I forget my first Marvellous Mug Cake!?photo 3

Dear Amanda, your recipes are FANTASTIC!  I want to try making it with mashed banana one day to see if it gets a more brownie like texture.  Although, I did like the light sponge that the original recipe produced!

Well, looking back the weekend wasn’t as bad as my brain was making it out to be.  Have a great Monday everyone!

1) What cheers you up when you are feeling down?

2) What is your ideal Friday night?


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  1. We had a near perfect Friday night ourselves-stopped for a drink at our favorite pub, grabbed our favorite takeout, and went home to snuggle in under a blanket and veg out. I think wine stems make all food photos better!

  2. I got Walden Farms chocolate syrup because I saw so many people raving about it. I’m definitely not a fan. It’s way artificial tasting!

  3. Ugh, I’ve got the winter blahs too! GO AWAY winter!! You have to read the rest of the Hunger Games books!! I haven’t tried Walden Farms yet but I’ve heard good and bad things about it. And I LOVE Robyn’s blog! She knows so much!

    • I know right!? At least it’s getting lighter in the evenings/mornings (although I don’t notice that one as much). I really want to read the second one! Have you read all 3? I have heard mixed reviews on the 3rd. She really is wonderful 🙂

  4. The only Walden Farms product I like is the syrup – the caramel syrup is HORRIBLE. Like I wanted to vomit after trying it. Okay, maybe not that bad…. but you get what I’m saying 🙂 Ha!

    Hope you have a wonderful Monday, hunnie. Hate hearing you’ve been in a slump w/ the weather. I’ll try to send some of our sunshine your way.

    • haha I know the feeling you mean. I had a weight watchers chocolate thingy the other day and couldn’t get the taste out of my mouth. 😦 they are so tricky!
      YAY sunshine! Thanks, I will wait for it to get here. I think part of the issue was that I was coming down with another cold… blahhh. Other than that Monday was A-OK! I hope you had a great start to the week too!

  5. A run always cheers me up when I’m in a funk, or sleep. Sleep does wonders haha. I hope you are feeling more cheerful today. If not, cheer up buttercup! (just because I love saying that line) 🙂


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