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Thinking Out Loud 29/01/2014

Hi there!  How are you doing today?  What’s new and exciting today?  I feel like I just wrote a Thinking Out Loud post, but here we go again.  As always, thank you to Amanda for hosting and to everyone that participates!


  • I feel like these past few day I have had trouble fitting in everything I want to do in my free time.  This includes blogging, shopping, reading, cleaning, friends… how has everything gotten so busy!?  Hopefully I can start catching up on things this weekend or find someone/invent a cloning machine.
  • I am starting to get the itch to travel… the question is
  • Is it odd that the only thing keeping me from changing gyms is that I need WIFI now?
  • Speaking of the gym, I was able to get in my first run in forever this afternoon with no pain!  Interesting since I felt it a little after Body Attack Tuesday night Fingers crossed that things are slowly healing.
  • I am thinking that if everything is feeling good for the next couple of weeks I will sign up again for the Calgary Half Marathon in May.  I ran it last year with John and LOVED it!  Now to get a better time (under 1:55).
  • I got an email from the Bay to Breakers run, in San Francisco that we signed up for, today.  This is making me really excited and we will be running it over my birthday weekend!  Is anyone else going to be running this?  It looks like a blast.
  • I am so hooked on the Hunger Games series now.  The first book is great so far and even though I have seen the movie, the book is definitely keeping me reading.
  • Our insurance company has been taking an extra payment from us since August.  They will be paying us back but this will keep me on top of my finances from now on!
  • I had to take the train home after work today due to snow… I MISSED MY BIKE RIDE!!  And I feel sad for my bike left in a parking garage overnight… poor thing 😦Bike-to-Work_0
  • I am really excited about going to the hockey game tonight!

Well have a great Thursday and let me know what some of your random thoughts are!

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  1. Most random thought? Is it weird that, as nice as it was to go to Disneyland, I’m actually super excited to be going back home… to the snow? Apparently I’m just ridiculously Canadian 😆 And The Hunger Games is an awesome series — have you read Divergent?

    • Nope, not weird at all. Nothing is better than coming home… even to snow… I guess… haha. I hope you had an amazing time as well! I have heard a lot about Divergent! I will have to look into that one! So many books, so little time haha

  2. Wanderlust seems extra powerful this time of year! You know we’re planning our next travel, can’t wait to hear where you’re headed when you decide!

  3. I have the travel itch too! That’s what planning for studying abroad does to me 🙂 Yay for pain-free running!

  4. I find I am struggling to fit everything in at the moment too so I feel your pain feeling short of time too!

    I loved the Hunger Games series too…well books 1 and 2, book 3 took me a while to finish and I didn’t love it like the other 2. Once you finished the series you should check out the Matched series too it is similar kind of genre.

    Hope you had a nice weekend. Playing catch up on my blog reading so late comment!

    • HAHA ya, weekend is blog catch up time for me too! I love seeing what everyone’s been up to 🙂
      We need a magic time wand. Tell you what, if I find one I will share with you if you promise to share with me 🙂
      I have heard that about the hunger games. Rumour is the third one was rushed out to keep up with the movies. Thanks for the recommendation, I will keep the Matched series in mind!


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