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Thinking Out Loud Thursday 23/01/2014 Bye Bye Bieber

Hello there!  How is everyone today?  How has your week been so far?  My week has absolutely flown by and I can’t believe that Friday is tomorrow.  When did that happen.  I am starting to feel like a broken record saying that but it is so true.

Anywho, let’s move onto…Thinking-Out-Loud

Thanks to Amanda, over at Running with Spoons, for hosting.  If you haven’t been to her blog your really should.

1) I think I am going to do a day in the life post on Friday.  I feel like I am really not taking as many (read ANY) photos as I would like.  I think that this would be the right push, plus I think it would be fun

2) The spin bike at the gym and I are becoming friends while I work through this IT band injury.  I used to get so board on it but now I really enjoy playing around with the gears.

3) Work has gotten really really busy these last couple of weeks so I am really enjoying curling up at the end of the day to blog.  It is really nice to reflect on your day and how you felt throughout it.

4) I have been a member of YMCA gym for a few years now but I am starting to think about switching over to Goodlife.  I keep getting cold feet every time I go to cancel my “Y” membership.  I feel like I am a turn coat and keep having second thoughts but I really want a gym with more classes and Goodlife offers the Les Mills ones!

5) It snowed again on Tuesday night, so John and I had to take the train into work Wednesday morning.  When we got on I noticed it was really quiet and no one was saying anything.  I guess everyone had a bad case of the Wednesday blues?  It just so happened that I had a great sleep, was wide awake, and chatting up a storm with John.  After a few stops I started to feel really awkward holding a conversation with everyone else being so silent.  Train=depressed overly tired people?  I kinda wanted to shout “LIFE ISN’T THAT BAD PEOPLE”!

6) I need to find a new portable breakfast food.  I am getting board of overnight oats and my yogurt bowls.  Anyone have any good ideas?  Also are smoothies good after being refrigerated for a few hours?  I don’t want it to separate and go all weird if I do take one to work.

7) This weekend is looking like good weather for a run…. too bad my leg hurts.  It is going to be hard not to be tempted to hit the trails.  But I do think that the IT band issue is responding well to rolling and heat.  I might have to book a massage for sometime soon to.

8) I am actually looking forward to my TV time at the end of the day.  How old lady is that sounding!?  I love being in my Pj’s with a snack, cup of tea, and Breaking Bad.  Obsessed…ya I guess but that’s okay.

9) I have the first Hunger Games book waiting for me at the Library.  I can’t wait to get my hands on it.  I actually hope we get a cold snowy day on the weekend so I can curl up with a book but I don’t think that’s in the cards, see thought 7

10) And now the curser is just blinking at me….so I will leave it at that.

Have a great Thursday everyone!  Except for Bieber, have fun in jail for putting innocent people at risk.  Never was a fan of you.


1) do you have any weekend plans yet?

2) Did you ever read the hunger games?

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  1. The hunger games go quick! Well, for a reader…I’d imagine participants may have seen it differently. I think my husband and I will finally try the new Korean restaurant in town this weekend and spend some time at home…crazy newlyweds!

    • Ya it would have sucked to actually be in the game. I am pretty sure I would be dead pretty quick so maybe it would go quick for me! Ya that sounds exactly like us, goodbye going out until the wee hours of the morning and I am completely okay with this. Enjoy the the restaurant!

  2. How about egg muffins or a breakfast wrap/sandwich? Those usually keep you full if you add in healthy fats & protein. Ha Ha Ha, the last part of your post cracked me up. It’s about time he gets put in jail.

    • Hey, that’s a great idea. I might do that next week. I bet you can freeze them too, which would be extra handy. I have some avocado that is starting to feel neglected on the counter that would go lovely in an egg muffin.
      No kidding! What a horrible role model. It really makes me laugh that it was a rental lamborghini too.

  3. The Hunger Games is one of my favourite series’ — you’re going to love it! And as for taking more pics, have you ever tried doing the Photo an Hour challenge? You basically just whip out the camera and take a pic of whatever you’re doing every hour… definitely a fun little twist on the whole day in the life idea.

  4. I second the egg muffin idea! You can always make them ahead of time, bring them with you, and then heat them up at work! 🙂 PS your last sentence was golden!

  5. Smoothies are good after a few hours in the fridge! Just shake them really well. They’ll actually last longer – especially if you have very little (to no) air between the top of the smoothie and the lid! I’ve been eating rice crackers with peanut butter lately for breakfast – but kind of feel in a breakfast rut myself!

  6. I read the first two books of the Hunger Games. I need to read the others before I see the movies.


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