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Think Out Loud 09/01/2014

Hi there and how’s it going today?  I am starting to feel really awkward for the opening sentence of my blog.  I might start doing something random to open my thought flow tomorrow!  So how was everyone’s Wednesday?  Mine was pretty good and I had some good time for pondering so today’s Thinking Out Loud Thursday should be interesting!  Thanks Amanda for hosting and to all the other bloggers for participating.


1) The plumber came yesterday to fix our water heater!  And we have a feeling that we don’t owe anything.  There was no invoice left, no credit card asked for…. SCORE!  It must have been under warranty still and it only took 10min to fix.  My mum was an angel and came over to our house to let the plumber in at 9 a.m.  after her flight got delayed and didn’t arrive until 2:30 that morning.

2) I must have had the most minor of colds the last few days which is awesome.  My throat started hurting last Friday night and was really bad Saturday and most of Sunday so I thought i was going to be in for a doozy.  However, all of the symptoms seemed to of evaporated aside from a slight stuffed up nose but I’ll take it 😀

3) The first thing that I did yesterday after work was throw on a load of laundry.  With the hot water tank out of order for the last several days my clean clothes supply was dwindling.  I love clean clothes!  Oh and we can also turn on the dishwasher tonight, that thing has been sitting quite full for some time now.  I love clean dishes!

4) I got out for a lovely run at lunch yesterday as the temperature warmed up to +2!

photo (5)

How lovely is that!  It was about 9km or so (no garmin) but so much better than running on the treadmill.  I felt really strong and fast!

5) I have been chatting to a few people that had gone on hot weather vacation over Christmas and it has made me jealous.  I want to sip a drink while drifting down a lazy river…. You can’t keep me from dreaming 😀  I could really do with a beach vacation soon and one of those all inclusive types too.

6) I haven’t been to yoga in weeks so I am really looking forward to our class tonight!  See you soon Ning!

7) I have the best of intentions to actually do some meal planning this weekend and I have to try some new recipes.  I am getting so sick of the my meal rotations, it is time to shake things up a bit!  I would like to try some new casseroles or curries or anything really.  If you have a recipe or an idea that you think I should try please let me know!

8) I am really looking forward to my friends baby shower this weekend.  She is having a little boy in February and we can’t be more excited for her and her husband.  It’s really funny how bridal showers and weddings have turned into baby showers and births.  But I like it 🙂

9) These last few days the apatite has ramped up again.  I am putting it down to getting back on the bike to and from work.  The amount of food I am eating is making me a little nervous but I just trust my body is asking for it because it knows what to do with it.  I try to stay away from the cookies and chocolates that are still hanging around but sometimes that is the only thing this body wants.  Good thing I love food!

10) John made chicken burgers last night and they were so good!  I smothered mine in Cheddar cheese, relish, some veggies and of course mustard.  The whole wheat buns that we get from our organics store at the end of the street are really really good.  I love how the bag states that they are made with butter.  On the side John made salad and  grilled up a sweet potato that I topped with salsa.  MMMMM really hit the spot but like I said in my thought 9 I was still feeling a big case of the munchies!

photo (6)


1) When you are still hungry after a meal what do you usually like to go for?  I have been caught multiple times with my hand in the cookie jar

2) Do you feel like you have better runs outside rather than inside?

3) Where do you look for inspiration when you are in a meal rut?


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  1. I can’t even tell you how happy I am that the weather has -finally- started warming up around here. The -36 windchill we had last weekend was no joke, so the +2 we’re having this weekend is making me break out the happy dances! Actually, I’m headed up to the mountains to take dull advantage of it. It’s not a tropical vacation, but it’ll still be nice to get away 🙂 And I feel you on the appetite — I’ve been eating something sweet after pretty much all of my meals lately, but it’s almost always like this at this time of the year… The cold and dark just get to me!

  2. I ALWAYS have better luck running outside. I am having a treadmill vs snowy outside run debate for tonight and I don’t know what will win. It’s gross out, but I can barely eke out a few miles on the dreadmill before I’m just DONE.

    • Sorry for not replying until now! So…what did you pick? And how was it??? I have to watch TV and turn of the mileage if I manage any distance at all on the “mill”

      • I ran! I got in a total of 4 miles, 3 at lunch and one after work while waiting for an AMT to open up. A LOT of speed variance and some TV to stare at helps, but it’s still torture. Can’t wait until this weekend-we’re supposed to have a heat wave in the high 40’s and I am SO running outside!

  3. Oh my gosh, I thought that picture of your running route was a super icy trail! Then I realized that it was a river. I was wondering how you considered running on pure ice “lovely”! Ha! Figured it out 😉

  4. Those burgers look yummy!


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