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Thinking Outloud… Christmas Heavy

Yay!  I am so excited for another link up during the week and I really think the theme for this one is great!  Thank you so much Amanda for starting another wonderful link up 🙂

All right here comes the random brain dump!

1) I am looking forward to baking and cookie swap on Saturday with two lovely ladies on Saturday.  It will be so fun to start some Christmas festivities.  I felt like I started the season strong with putting up the Christmas tree on Dec 1 and having and advent calendar but things have started to dwindle.  The big question for Saturday is what to make!?  I have so many ideas but it’s so hard to pick one!  I am thinking maybe these?

photo 1

2) I am also really looking forward to John’s companies Christmas party.  Wow two really Christmasy things on the weekend!  There really isn’t any excuse to be in the spirit after that is there?

3) I really love the lead up to Christmas but I really start to get sad when the day actually approaches.  I just love the feeling, food, family, and fun of the season.  I guess if it was that Christmas feel all year long it wouldn’t be special anymore.  At least that is what I’ll tell myself.

4) It is only Wednesday but my legs are feeling like lead from all of the biking in this week.  This will be the first full week of biking I have done.  Come on legs don’t fail me now.  Aside from aching legs I still would take riding my bike into work over taking the train/bus any day!

5) I am happy to announce that stretches I was given in physio last week have done absolute wonders for me this week.  It feels so good to be able to go for a run without the searing pain going down my leg afterwards!

6) We have a ton of Christmas sweets and goodies coming into our kitchen at work.  This is great and all but I wish we would get in some cheese and crackers or something along the savoury line.

7) I think I love leftovers more than I like the original meal.  I think it’s because the flavours get to intermingle!  Mmm this plate of left over ham and scalloped potatoes was so good last night.

photo 2

8) John and I have started watching Breaking Bad on Netflix the week.  We are hooked!  Yes, it is a little gory but the story line has really sucked us in and we look forward to watching an episode every night.  Although tonight I am craving a Christmas movie.

9) It got up to 0 today!  WOOOO it felt so warm and I felt a little more alive again.  Even the little birdies were chirping today!  I am glad they all didn’t freeze to death.

10) Okay it is now 12 days until Christmas Eve.  Does this mean that it’s the twelve days of Christmas now?  Should I have woken up to a Partridge in a Pear tree?  I will have to look into this more.

11) I really enjoy this random Thinking Out Loud Thursday!  It’s amazing how many thought’s I have tumbling around up there.


1) What puts you in the Christmas spirit?

2) Leftovers or fresh from the oven, which do you prefer?

3) Are you a sweet or savory person?

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  1. I loveeee cookie swaps! My sister’s best friend hosts one every year so I am always recruited to make the cookies for my sister to bring. An excuse to bake? I won’t complain 😉 I totally know the “post-Christmas depression”. I look forward to it all year and then it’s just OVER. 😦

  2. I’ve never been too sure on the whole 12 Days of Christmas thing. Does it start on December 1st? 12 days before Christmas? Just randomly whenever you want? No idea, but I DO know that I adore this time of the year and definitely wish it lasted longer than it did. But at least it’s something to always look forward to and get excited about 😀

    I have a HUGE sweet tooth, but I definitely feel ya on craving something a little more savoury after a while. With all the chocolate and cookies that have taken over my life lately, I really just want to gnaw on a piece of turkey or something 😆 Speaking of which — leftovers are freaking amazing.

    Loved reading your thoughts, lady! Thanks for joining up 😀

  3. On the leftovers it really depends. We make a spanish bean soup that is much better the second day. All the nummy (yep!) flavors merge together and it’s so so good!

    Oh, and those cookies look really good! Gonna take a peak at the recipe. 🙂


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