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The New Commute and Dear Hill I Will Defeat You!

One day to go until Friday friends!!!  This work week has been short and so busy!  Moving has been fun, exciting, and just pain wonderful but it has also been exhausting, annoying, and non-stop.  This I am all okay with though.  What I am not okay with is when you have a service person coming by to set something up and they say they will be there between and X-Y and then call 45min past Y to say they will arrive at Z… come on really!  And to top it all off, not have the right equipment and have to come back again next week to finish off….really…. 😦 I think a phone call might be in order.  Okay gripe done 😛

But what I really wanted to blog about today is my new Bike commute to work (happy Chris!?)!  So lets recap the first day.  Woke up and had most things prepared, strapped on the lights and helmet and we were ready to roll.  Start peddling and hear an awful sound from John’s bike.  I guess the break was rubbing against the tire and was making the highest pitched squeal imaginable.  It was so terrible that dogs were being scared and barking at him!  Haha poor guy, but he did manage to get all the way to work and get his bike fixed up that afternoon.  I left John and continued on my way only to try and get in the wrong parking garage at work.  In my defence it was the parking garage adjacent to ours and I really rarely have had any reason to go down there.  So finally I got things figured out and glided on my bike to our garage, swiped my key card, heard the beep and then….nothing.  I completely forgot my key card wasn’t set up to let me in the underground parking.  Thankfully the nice security man let me in and gave me the contact info of how to set up my card.  Cool, got that done, btw this is a very wordy post with few pictures sorry!

The ride home on the first day it was great.  I left around 5pm and it was pretty dark out but I had all of my lights so I was feeling okay.  The only traffic that I really came across was this, which you saw yesterday…image_5


Our ride to work is pretty down hill which is awesome, but that means the ride home is all up hill!  When I got to the big hill that takes you up out of the river valley and up to our house I was feeling a little daunted but the only way home was up so up I went.  And you know what?  I made it without stopping but I did feel like I was going to be sick!  Okay, had that hill under control but then I discovered the entire rest of the way home, about 10min, is uphill too.  Oh the things you don’t notice until you are faced with them.  So upwards I continued obeying the rules of the road and all was good until I came to an intersection where I had the right of way and a person driving a car had a stop sign.  I made eye contact with them, or so I thought, and continued cautiously through the intersection but so did they….. needles to say I started shouting at them and then they started panicking and flailing their arms and then we both went our own ways.  I think they will be a little more observant from now on.  Finally I made it home where I announced to John that I LOVE our new commute.

Day two and things went really smooth and I discovered it takes me exactly 20min to ride from door to door getting to work and a little longer getting home.  But I have to admit the hill defeated me yesterday and I had to walk a little bit of it.  Just you wait hill, just you wait!

Day three (today), again all was great on the way in but we did hit another…image_5


Must be a really busy line!  There were about 10 of us cyclists waiting to cross by the time the train past… BIKER GANG!

So all in all John and I both love cycling into work.  I have a feeling both of us are going to be super fit combining the bike ride with working out and yoga.  One thing is for sure, we both have noticed our appetites are getting a little out of control!  I think the grocery bill is going to be going up!

Well that’s it for me today.  More pictures tomorrow, I promise!


1) do you have any interesting obstacles on your commute?

2) do you do much bike riding?

3) Do you take a lot of pictures?


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  1. Whewww looks like a crazy commute! Christian and I only have bikes at college this year, so I totally know what you mean. it’s kind of a hassle in my opinion to bike in such frigid weather but it’s a great way to get some exercise in!!

  2. We live close to the city so a lot of time time my boyfriend and I actually walk to work and we love it.

    Here in Melbourne we have so many people commute to work by bike too. Glad to hear you are enjoying it 🙂

  3. Wow, sounds like quite the commute! Hills kind of scare me, which is why I’ve basically been doing zero hill training. 😛 Props to you for biking uphill every single day!

    Ever since I switched to a smart phone, I’ve been taking pics like crazy, many which are of really random things. 😀

    Hope you have a great weekend Christine!


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