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I’m Alive!!!!!

WOW Okay so I know I said I would pop in during the moving process but as usual I underestimated what moving involves… YIKES!  By the time I had a minute to write anything I just wanted to collapse into bed or get some food into my belly.  But the good news is that we are all moved into our new digs and most of the boxes are unpacked.  We do still need to get the computer set up but before we do that we need to go and get my old desk from my parents.  It seems like every time we try to get something up and working we need to go and buy something or borrow something first.  But all of the moving has been more than worth it to finally have a place to call ours!

So let’s do a little recap with the few photos I have…



Everything was moved out of our liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitle apartment.  This was us (John and a friend) trying to get our couch out the door.  This didn’t happen and we eventually had to hoist it over the balcony (meh you do what ya gotta do). image_1

A little fridge cleaning aka a quick lunch eaten with a measuring spoon…  We had some leftover chilli in the fridge so I made quick work of it.  After we moved everything over to our new place we busted out some pizza and beer.  I don’t think pizza has ever tasted as good as it did then!


A tired but happy home owner after everything was moved in.


By this point we were too tired to even begin to think of cooking.  Thank goodness for parents!image_2 image_3

A little homemade lasagne complete with homemade noodles, salad, and red wine; how could we possibly say no!?  Let’s just say that meal hit the spot in a big way.  Between the four of us we managed to polish off about 4/5 of it, no shame!

Sunday=more moving and unpacking.  Again, by the time dinner rolled around we lacked any and all inspiration to cook for ourselves.  This time the Himalayan saved us.  This has to be hands down one of my favorite restaurants in Calgary.  Every time we’ve visited (3 times now) I have had something different and they never disappoint!  On this visit to start we had the Chicken Momo which are basically little dumplings.  These were little packages of deliciousness!  And were made even better by the little dipping sauce that accompanied them.


For my main I went with the Vegetarian Chatpat.  It was cooked in a wonderful and spicy tomato broth bursting with flavor.  In the sauce was a wonderful mix of cauliflower, broccoli, corn, cabbage, onion, and vermicelli noodles.  This was served with rice and a side salad with a yogurt mint dressing.


The entire thing vanished!  And they are nice enough to provide a hot basket of the best Naan bread to mop up any excess sauce with!  We are now within walking distance of this place… Dangerous!

On Monday I was lucky enough to take a holiday day and continue setting up our house and running errands.  Plus I was able to make my first oatmeal breakfast!image_7

I really missed those oats in my life!  And I was actually feeling alive enough to make us a dinner of homemade soup last night (un-pictured).  It was such a wonderful change to actually have two of us in the kitchen at once with out bumping into each other and getting grumpy.


We rode our bikes into work for the first time!image_87:00 am and we’re ready to roll!  We were really luck too as the weather has been pretty mild these last few days (-3 to -5) in the mornings.  It really feels great to have a bike ride along river paths for our commute!  There were a few little hiccups with our prep this morning but I think we should have everything ironed out for an super easy commute tomorrow.  I also managed to squeeze in a nice little workout at lunch today which was nice compared to a weekend of just complete physical labour!

Well off to get the bike from the garage of our building and head HOME!!!!

Hopefully we will have the computer up and running tonight and I can show up with a WIAW post!  Until then…


1) How do you commute to work/school?

2) On super busy days do you cheat and head out for food?

3) What is the strangest thing you’ve ever used as a utensil (let’s keep it clean 😉 )

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