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Dear Friday… I Love You

Happy Friday!!!friday_happy_dance5Amen Snoopy… Amen!

First on the blog to do list is a quick Thursday recap.  It was an early morning wake up so I could head to the gym before work.  I haven’t gotten in an early morning workout for a week or so and it was great to get back at it.  I completed 20min on the elliptical,where I caught up on the morning news, and then moved on to completing a workout from Tina’s Best Body Boot Camp.  I joined her boot camp this past summer and loved it.  It great to have all the workouts to keep as a resource and I hope to join the next round when sign up begins!  I mean for the price you can’t lose.

Work was really steady today an lunch rolled around before I knew it! I decided to take a quick trip to the mall at lunch to do a little Christmas shopping.  This is almost a first for me, I am usually the one running around last minute trying to find gifts.  By the time I got back to my desk I was starving, but made sure the hunger was pacified quickly…photo 1

A toasted tuna sandwich, veggies and a couple chips with hummus.  I ran out of wraps so had to switch over to bread, I know new worthy right?  After this I needed something crispy and sweet so I grabbed a juicy apple.

The work afternoon went by almost as fast as the morning and before I knew it it was time to go home and begin packing again.  Although I was in a rush to get home I had to snap a picture of the sky that afternoon.  It was the most amazing mix of pinks, purples, and oranges; too bad the photo really doesn’t capture the colours 😦photo 2

Packing went well last night and now we only have the kitchen and a few things here and there to pack up.  I officially had my last walk into work and we had our last home cooked dinner in our apartment last night too.  Now it’s just one more sleep until the big move 😀  I don’t think I could be anymore excited!

photo 3

Why have I never thought of putting diced apple into my cinnamon puffins????????  That would be so good!  I really need to pay more attention to the box my food is coming out of, their ideas can be golden!

I wish I had some more interesting thing going on other than moving to share with you, but oh well, hopefully next week!

Have a great Friday!  I plan to pop in sometime on Saturday at least with a picture or two, but we will see how busy things get.  So until then…


1) Do you have a favourite cereal?  What is it? How do you eat it (with milk, yogurt, mix ins…)?

2) When you have a big even coming up do you start counting things down such as one more dinner, one more sleep…

3) Have you ever joined a boot camp?  If so which one?


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  1. I looooove peanut butter puffins. Too bad they’re super expensive over here! Maybe it’s a good thing they are, actually… I’d buy them too much! 😉

  2. those puffins are seriously genius! i just love a good sandwich on toasted wheat bread. tuna, mmm! its soft texture must have contrasted nicely with the bread’s crunch.


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