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WIAW #5 and Let The Packing Commence

Well hello again lovely’s and welcome to the official hump day of the week!  In Alberta we really didn’t have a hump day last week so today might be a little harder to get through.  Can we just talk about the weather we had here yesterday and this morning?  I have a four letter word for you COLD… holy mid January weather!  Today felt like -20 all day with the wind chill, oh and not to mention a nice little snow storm in the middle of the day :S  But the good news is that this weekend is supposed to be + double digits WHOOP!  Finally a weekend without a snowfall warning and I might actually get to have my first run outside in a looooooong time!

Sorry for that little rant! Now onto what you’ve been waiting for all week I’m sure….. another instalment of WIAW courtesy of Jenn! wiaw fall into good habits button

BREAKFAST… was my standby over night oats topped with raspberries, a lone blackberry 😦 , banana, and almond milk.  Coffee #1 on the side image

yup.. looks just like yesterdays breakfast 🙂  hey if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

SNACK… The rest of my banana and another coffee.  image_2 image_1

I was still hungry after that so I ate an un-pictured homemade pumpkin muffin.  It was only missing a smearing of peanut butter.

LUNCH… by the time lunch rolled around I was HUNGRY!  So I was more than ready to whip up my (again another standby) tuna wrap, veggies with hummus, and an appleimage_4 image_5

and then SNACK 2 HAPPENED…image_3 image_6

MMM Annie’s cheddar bunnies and a square of Lindt dark chocolate

Followed by my pre gym snack of greek yogurt, some more raspberries, and oatsimage_7Wait! what? oh no! it escaped before I could take a photo 😉

After a nice gym session, after work, I came home to make a big pot of chilli for DINNER… image_8

This I served up with some fluffy Quinoa and a side salad.  It really hit the spot on a cold day.  I have to remember to post the recipe because this was GOOD!

For dessert I had a nice bunch of grapes and a handful of cereal.

Well time to get back to packing… yup this is really what our front room looks like.  And yes, those are the frog boxes!frog boxWish us luck!



1) If you go to the gym in the afternoon do you have a snack before you go?  I know I need to eat a good half hour before an afternoon workout, otherwise I get too tired

2) Packing, do you love of loath it?  I am kinda in the like packing category.  It feels really good to purge the unwanted/needed stuff and give the things you like a good clean.

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  1. Your food looks so delicious! I don’t usually eat a snack in the afternoon before my workout, but I probably should. I’d have more energy! I like packing but I hate finding space for it all!

  2. Oh don’t even get me started on how cold it’s been here lately. But thankfully a little break is just around the corner. I still feel like we’ve been pretty lucky with winter this year — it hit us later than it usually does! And good luck with your packing! I’m… undecided about packing. It’s definitely nice to get rid of things, but the whole process is just soooo messy.

  3. I don’t need food. Often, I need a 30 minute nap to recharge from work!


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