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Why hello there amigos and amigas!  Using a little Spanish makes me think of warmer climates as I am looking at the snow coming down outside my office window.  MMMM sun and sunscreen… but on the plus side ski season is right around the corner and I believe a few of the hills are opening today and this weekend.

Snoopy_Happy_DanceLet’s all do the Friday Dance!!  Sorry I couldn’t resist, plus Snoopy and Charlie brown always make me think of Christmas, which is a pleasant thought on a snowy day.

So how about some FUN FRIDAY FAV’S!!!

  1. Yogurt and Ricotta cheese bowls with fruit and many cereals for breakfast! photo 1File footage but it was just as yummy today!  I have had this for 3 days in a row but still love it and am really digging the Ricotta Cheese!
  2. YOGA!!  I had a pretty downer day yesterday, just emotionally a little upset (More on this coming your way in a later post).  John and I usually try to get to a yoga class on Thursdays but I was feeling like just curling up on the couch and drowning my sorrows in mindless TV…but then I had a change of mind.  I love our yoga teacher and how she can lift your spirits in the class and put you back into a happy place.  And just like always it worked and I felt so much better for going.  FYI I go to Yoga and Beyond, if you’re in Calgary you should check it out!
  3. Nike Training Club AppThis thing is no joke.  I did a couple of the workouts this morning and OH MY was I sweaty and trembling at the end.  It’s great, it’s free, it’s challenging… you need to check it out!
  4. The People Behind the Blogs.  There have been so many deep posts today with people being so honest and caring… it gives me the tingly happy feel to know that everyone is there for each other!
  5. Camelbak Water Bottles.water bottleIt’s so great to have this with me when I go for my treadmill runs.  I love being able to take a drink without spilling it all over me!
  6. Les Mills Body Attack.  That is all I have to say 😉
  7. Friday Lunch…. Today.  This may be a little random but this is the day that I get to gather all the bits and pieces I have left in the work fridge from throughout the week and combine it into a random smorgasbord of a lunch!  Today was a good one, but others have been a bit of a fail.

friday lunchThe last of the Kabocha soup, the last of my tuna salad, the last of my bread, and the last few leaves of spinach.

Well that’s it for me for now.  Like I said, I may have another post coming your way later on today or tomorrow.  But until then….



Do you have any new fav’s this week?

Do you like to know what you are going to have for a meal or do you like to “scrounge”?

I didn’t post a favorite recipe this week because I really haven’t been creative in the Kitchen.  Have you tried a new recipe this week that has become a fav?

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  1. Sometimes I wish I was a world traveler so I could hang up in the northern hemisphere during May through September and then go down under October through April so I’d get summer and fall year round 😉 But I think I’d miss the chilly Christmas!


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