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Tuesday Catch Up

Hey blog readers!  How is everyone today?  Is everyone enjoying their Tuesday?

Things on this side have been a nice consistent busy.  A little mix of friends, moving prep, and just day to day life.  Let’s catch up on the last couple of days shall we?

The weekend was great.  I left off my weekend post on Sunday afternoon.  That evening I made some split pea soup with some smoked ham hocks I found in the freezer.  The picture is of a bowl of it that I had for lunch Monday.soupSPLIT PEA SOUP

  •  I just threw the hocks into a pot and covered them with water.  I then added a palm full of pepper corns, broccoli stocks, a couple of bay leaves, and some leeks I had in the fridge into the pot.  I simmered this for a couple of hours.
  • I then removed the hocks and picked the meat off the bones.  I strained the broth so none of the pepper corns etc were left.  To the broth I added 2 cups of split peas and let the soup simmer for an hour.
  • To the soup I then added 1 diced carrot, 2 diced celery stocks, 2 garlic cloves finely chopped, and one medium onion diced.  I then let the soup simmer for 45 mins.
  • To finish the soup off I added salt and pepper to taste as well as some Sage and Thyme (to taste).

Yummo!  So so good!  It will be feeding us for several days!

I also whipped up my chocolate chip cookies and a pumpkin loaf that was a bit of a fail.  But whatever, I will still eat it 😀

The rest of the evening was spent watching the Walking Dead.


Monday was pretty decent.  Work was pretty steady so the day went by quite quickly.  The weather has been so chilly lately that it’s really nice to just curl up at your desk work away.  I don’t know how much running to the gym in the mornings there will be this week.  The sidewalks are so icy and my coordination so poor that I am pretty sure I would end up breaking a bone before I made to the gym.  That being said, I did drag myself to the gym (sounds nice eh?) to get in a 10km run.  It felt pretty good except for the fact that the emergency stop thingy kept falling off and ending my workout.  I had to restart a few times but managed to get it done.

AHHHH sorry about this super blurry photo but…. at least I took one!  I did the below X3


Was anyone else caught off guard about how early it got dark?  Yikes!  I am not used to walking home from work in the dark, it felt SO late!

Anywho, came home from the gym to dinner on the table thanks to the hubby!  Old photo but it was basically this Black Bean Chilli again but with a slice of Whole Wheat Chia bread from Cobs (I heart this bread).bb chili

Dinner  was followed by finally getting all of our wedding Thank you’s addressed and ready to go out the door and starting this blog post.

And thus you are caught up in my life!  So interesting hey 😉


What do you think of it getting dark earlier?

When do you like to work out?


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  1. Oh my gosh YES! Yesterday I was sitting in the dining hall at like 4:45 and I looked outside and it was dusk! Like, what the heck!? Ha!


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