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WIAW #2 and a Few Random Thoughts

Well look at us back at another Wednesday.  I am officially just cresting the hump and getting ready for the downward slide to the weekend!  Before I get onto my WIAW post I just wanted write down a few very random things before I forgot them…

  1. I have decided I am not a take a picture of my workout/Garmin/machine stats kind of girl.  Great on those who do!  I’ve tried but I just seem to consistently forget to or feel too awkward.  That being said…
  2. I did a good 10k run on the treadmill this morning and it felt great.  It was one of those I was even sweating after showering kind of runs.  WOOO
  3. A strong desire to head to States on a shopping trip is creeping into my bones.  I think this was mostly brought on by talking to a lady at the gym this morning about her vacation to Florida.  Just slightly jealous of the outlet shopping she did.  To be honest though, I would likely come back with more food from Trader Joes than I would clothing.
  4. On the topic of cravings…. can we talk about Fro Yo?  I am getting from the realms of wanting to needing…. Yikes!

Well thanks for listening.  Now onto WIAW with a big thanks to Jenn for hosting!



photo 1In the bowl: plain Greek yogurt, regular plain yogurt, banana, black berries, strawberries, grapes, shredded wheat, and Dorset cereal (love that stuff).  On the side I had the rest of the banana and my first coffee.  This sure tasted good after the 10km run!

Snack 1: photo 3 A super juicy navel orange and some rice crackers (not pictured)photo 2Coffee number 2!  And no wonder I was starving at lunch time, that isn’t enough to hold this girl through the morning.

 photo 4photo 5

Lunch consisted of a good ‘ol tuna wrap, veggies and an apple.  I still had the munchies after that so I also chowed down on those Bunny Grahams.  I’m telling you those are not half bad!

Snack 2:

photo 1

A small mug of Shredded Wheat and Dorset cereal with pomegranate seeds and coconut almond milk mmmm.  That fuelled my walk home from work.


photo 2 photo 3Dinner was a one egg and two egg white omelette with sautéed onion, red pepper, mushroom and spinach.  I deglazed the veggies with balsamic vinegar before adding it to the eggs along with some fresh goat cheese….drool.  I dished that up alongside a piece of PB&J Toast and some left over salad.

Dinner didn’t really fill me up so I munched on some raisins and dried cereal while I prepared a batch of pumpkin muffins.  These muffins might be a little too healthy… we’ll see how they turn out.

Well that’s it for my second WIAW.  I hope everyone had some really good eats today!


What is the best thing you ate today?

What is one random thing I should know about you?

What are your favourite Fro Yo toppings?


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  1. I pretty much LOAD up my frozen yogurt. I actually have a system where I sample all the flavors, then end up with plain or vanilla + lots of toppings 🙂 I love to run and love the beach!

    • Me too! Sample all and then go with chocolate and vanilla! Those flavours a go with allllll the toppings! I actually just tried plain… So so good! I wish we had a beach… Trade you some snow for some sand and surf?

  2. health advocation

    yum, i love omelettes, yours sounds so good right now!


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