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Fun Fact Friday #2!


Insert catchy terrible song here… I don’t mean any offence to anyone who really likes this song.

How the heck are you doing on this lovely day!?

Well I said I would be back for an update so here I am. A day can seem soooooooo long when you haven’t really been sleeping, all I can do is hope that tonight I might get a full nights sleep in. Fingers are so crossed. I also wanted to mention that I have started posting some of my favourite finds. These are things I have come across in life that I have loved ranging from hotels and restaurants to recipes, books, and places. I will keep this list updated with the links to where you can find more information on them. I hope that you will be able find these useful and maybe discover some new favourites too! And hey, you have some fav’s I should know about? Send me a note or leave a comment!

But now let’s get down to business with….

Fun Facts Friday

  1. I have my second Kabocha squash ready to be turned into something yummy this weekend. I will share the recipe with you that I decide to use.
  2. The seller of the house we bought just let us know that they will be selling all of their furniture and that we can go and take a look to see if we want any of it! SCORE! They had some really nice stuff and we would be so happy to own it!
  3. Random days off from exercise are not too shabby. Yesterday I didn’t manage to make it to the gym as I was way too tired. But it felt good to just kick back and relax
  4. It got up to 23 degrees in Calgary yesterday… is it summer or fall, I am starting to get confused!
  5. John makes the best homemade pizza ever, and he is making this for dinner tonight. I am going to leave a space for a pizza photo to insert later! 


    Poor guy cut his thumb making his delicious creation

    Poor guy cut his thumb making his delicious creation

  6. Is the number of hours of sleep I have had in the past 48 hours…. zzzzzzzzzz for someone who needs more than 6 hours of sleep a night, I am finding this kind of hard. Day to day activity becomes so hard when you are run down. Plus as an added bonus, as I was looking at my computer screen at 3 am a spider scurried across my keyboard.
  7. I suffer from arachnophobia. The spider in fact 6 was not appreciated and has yet to be found :l
  8. Our wedding photo USB stick is ready to be picked up from the post office. It came earlier this week and I really need to get on picking that up. Look out for a few photos to pop up over the weekend.
  9. I have a new love called the foam roller. It has taken us WAY too long to become friends!
  10. The number of km’s I plan to run tomorrow!

Well there we are ! 10 fun facts about my week. It was a little work dominated so hopefully next Friday will be a little more interesting.

And just because….

and… Anyone having Chinese food tonight?

(This is a little PG)


What are you most looking forward to this weekend?

Where was the best pizza you ever had? What toppings did it have?



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