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Well hello again blogging world

Well… I am back!  I don’t think I was really ready to start blogging when I first began.  I think I was still somewhat in the process of finding my voice and spirit.  But I can finally say that I think I am in a place where opening up can begin again.  Annette’s post today also struck a cord with me this afternoon.  I think blogging fell by the way side because I was trying too hard to fit a certain style that I found reading other blogs.  Enough of that!  I am who I am and am beyond happy with that!  But, now to completely contradict myself, I also stumbled across another blog entry that got me thinking…I am the kind of person that likes to wait for a Monday to come around to start something new or get back on the train.  After reading Amanda’s post  Every Moment is a Fresh Start I thought… why not start this moment.  I am happy with who I am but always looking to make healthy improvements. 

So… what’s been up with me since we last chatted?  Well I am now a married woman to the man of my dreams (a little gushy, but true!).  We can honestly say that our wedding day WAS the day of our dreams!  I will have to write a wedding day post soon!  We left on our fabulous honeymoon a couple of days after the wedding.  We had decided on the magnificent islands of the Azores.  Where? I hear most people ask… here Azores.  I think the most accurate description that I heard before we left was that it is environmentally a combination of Hawaii and Ireland.  I will be back!  I will have to write up a post on this topic as well 😉

And we can call ourselves home owners!  Yes we have lost property virginity!  But…. we won’t have possession until the middle of November.  I don’t think the days between now and then will ever go by fast enough.  This I am okay with though, why wish your life away right!?  In the mean time I will just start drooling over the thought of new furniture and finally get a little more space in our lives.

But how was today?  Today started off with a very active start, that being a 10km run.  It is mostly inside running now during the week as it’s pretty cold and dark here in the mornings now *sigh*.  Cold and dark you won’t stop me!  That was followed by a full day of work with a rather interesting topic of post flood recovery in our city.  Calgary, the city that I live in was hit by massive flooding this summer.  So many people have lost everything and now begins the work to prevent this from happening again.  I think the biggest hindrance in flood mitigation and prevention is actually that people will forget in 5 years what happened.

After I got home from work I chatted with me husband (I don’t think I will ever get tired of saying my husband!) before he went out for Survivor (yes the reality TV show) night with our buddy.  It’s their “thing”.  I had to go grab a few groceries before making a quick dinner and watching a little garbage TV.  Sigh… this is another tid bit about myself that I would like to change.  I really want to start doing something productive such as a craft, rather than watch mindless TV.  

And that really brings us to here and now.  But I think I will sign off for now and grab a little snack before hitting the hay.  I can hear the cereals in my cupboard calling to me…..




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